BrainFair 2017

Fascination for the brain was the theme of this year’s BrainFair. The varied program, with lectures, discussion platforms and an open day at multiple locations, attracted 3400 visitors.

With the BrainFair 2017, the organizers wanted to convey to visitors that the brain is the most complex, but also most fascinating organ. The Fair kicked off with discussion forums on week days (March 13-17) with engaging topics such as the influence of sleep on our lives and decision-making processes and structures in the brain.

On Friday, March 17, nine different programs with lectures and lab demonstrations were offered to school classes. More than 800 pupils from various schools in the Canton of Zurich participated.

Five institutes and clinics opened their doors to the public on Saturday March 18.  Visitors were invited to take a look at the newest developments in brain research and could participate in small experiments. There was also a lot of interest in the lectures at the Irchel location. Lively discussions showed that the program successfully matched the interest of the audience.

For more details see BrainFair 2017 program

Find here some impressions of the open day:

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