Joint projects with UCL Neuroscience

Last fall, we announced a call for proposals within our partnership with UCL Neuroscience. The joint steering committee has now approved four new projects for 2024, which should pave the way for more extensive collaborations between the two partners.

Establishing a novel platform to screen for modifiers of TDP-43 aggregation and loss of function
Pietro Fratta and Magdalini Polymenidou

Better understanding of the dynamics of neuromodulatory activity in the emergence of visual perception and behaviour
Sarah Ruediger and Tommaso Patriarchi

The role of bi-func5onal RNAs in central and peripheral neurons
Antonella Riccio and Gerhard Schratt

Transient developmental increase of cortical Parvalbumin interneurons and its impact on the emerging cortical network
Nicoletta Kessaris and Theofanis Karayannis

Image: Antonio Janeski on unsplash