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Joint projects with UCL Neuroscience

Last fall, we announced a call for proposals within our partnership with UCL Neuroscience. The joint steering committee has now approved four new projects for 2024, which should pave the way for more extensive collaborations […]

Research News

Energizing active nerve fibers

Brain nerve fibers interconnect myriad nerve cells and are coated with a fatty insulation to transmit electrical signals at lightning speed. The nerve-coating cells, known as oligodendrocytes, are also critical for powering the brain’s electrical […]

Research News

Understanding disruptive behaviors in youth

Disruptive behaviors in children and youth may involve proactive and reactive aggressions. Werhahn et al. explored functional brain connectivity at rest and compared children and adolescents with disruptive behaviors to a control group. They considered […]

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Resilience training and stress

Resilience is essential to counteract stress and its harmful effects. It is correlated with healthy responses to physiological and psychological stressors. So far, there are few investigations on the effects of resilience training on real-life […]


Welcome to the community

We are proud to welcome our new members. Read on to learn about their research expertise, their motivations and what they love about Zurich. Name and Surname: Emily S. CrossPosition: Professor of Cognitive and Social […]


Menstrual products at UZH

In the autumn semester of 2023, UZH undertook a pilot initiative to explore the feasibility of providing menstrual products free of charge in the university’s restrooms. The primary objective was to assess the level of […]


Inaugural Lectures

We congratulate the following researchers on their inaugural lectures given at the University of Zurich: On November 2nd, Dorothee Gramatzki was talking about the Progress in Glioma Treatment (in German), three weeks later, on November […]