Brain Fair 2016 – Motion and the brain

This year’s BrainFair starts from the surprising premise of Cambridge neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert who says that the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement.

Indeed, movement is the only way we have of interacting with the world. All communication, including speech, sign language, gestures and writing, is mediated via the motor system. Taking this viewpoint, the purpose of the human brain is to use sensory signals to determine future actions.

This year’s panel discussions and short presentations aim at covering the entire spectrum of movement: From motor development in children, motor learning in adults and the elderly, sporting and musical top performances to movement deficits and their treatment.

When: Monday 14 March until Saturday 19 March 2016
Where: ETH Zürich Zentrum, Hauptgebäude, Hörsaal “Audimax” and F7, Rämistr. 101, Zürich
Admission: free
Language: Lectures and presentations are in German
Program: BrainFair Flyer
More information: BrainFair web page