In the Spotlight

Understanding the developing brain

Theofanis Karayannis recently joined the Brain Research Institute. With his expertise in the development of neuronal circuits he is a great addition to the team. We interviewed the new assistant professor about what attracted him […]


Zurich meets London

Experts from the University College London and the ZNZ will present and discuss their pioneering work at the event entitled “Neuroscience – Novel Approaches to Understanding the Mechanisms of Mental Health and Illness” in London, […]

Research News

Improve post-stroke hand function

EIT Health has awarded an innovation project aimed at developing a new technology for improving hand function in post-stroke patients. Prof. Volker Dietz of the Balgrist University Hospital and Dr. Miriam Schrafl-Altermatt, together with the […]


The gender gap in academia

Despite our best intentions, we all unconsciously favor men in leading professional posts. In her essay “The Gender Gap in Academia may be a Cognitive Neuroscience Problem”, Prof. Magdalini Polymenidou of the ZNZ Gender Equality […]


Accelerating neuro-science research

In his inaugural lecture, Prof. Mehmet Fatih Yanik talks about the role technology can play in acceleration neuroscience research. From automated screening of large libraries of chemicals on neurological disease models in zebrafish to automated […]


ZNZ Steering Committee in tweets

Who are the people behind the ZNZ? We have asked Prof. Dr. Fritjof Helmchen, co-director of the ZNZ Steering Committee, to answer a few personal questions in tweets. Me: Married, father of two. Besides science, […]


Recent publications by ZNZ members

Read here about recent papers published by members of the Neuroscience Center Zurich. Mildly compromised tetrahydrobiopterin cofactor biosynthesis due to Pts variants leads to unusual body fat distribution and abdominal obesity in mice. J Inherit […]