Articles by Mick Lehmann

Large Scale Projects at ZNZ Symposium

The Annual Symposium on 16 September 2022 counted 270 visitors and featured 103 posters, a variety of talks by new members and plenary lectures by Guy Rouleau and Beth [...]

November 12, 2022

Inaugural Lectures

We congratulate Paulin Jirkof, Felix Scholkmann and Ulrich Hemmeter on their inaugural lectures. On September 24, Paulin Jirkof talked about whether animal welfare and animal [...]

November 11, 2022

European iPSC Platform

The iPSC Platform for Neuropsychiatry of the European College for Neuropsycho- pharmacology (ECNP) established in 2019 and chaired by Edna Grünblatt, is running free of [...]

November 11, 2022

Really? And What Now?

Unfortunately, sexist comments appear regularly in female PhD candidates’ careers. Even if women react to them differently, they share the similar experiences of [...]

November 11, 2022

Welcome to the Community

We are proud to welcome our new members. Read on to learn about the research expertise they contribute to our community. Prof. Catherine Jutzeler, Group Leader Institute for [...]

November 10, 2022

The key to brain regeneration

Axolotl salamanders are amphibians that have the astonishing capacity to regenerate its brain after a large section is being removed. However, it has been unclear how [...]

November 10, 2022

Rhythm in the Maturing Brain

During childhood and adolescence, fundamental neural restructuring processes take place and thus represent a critical phase of the human lifespan. A substantial body of [...]

November 10, 2022

A Warehouse for Neuroscience

Benjamin Ineichen, group leader at the Center for Reproducible Science at the University of Zurich, will lead the project “Advancing 3R – Animals, Research and Society” [...]

November 10, 2022

Individual Training of the Reward System

In our everyday lives, our dopaminergic brain system is consistently active every time we receive a surprising reward. For some people with depression or schizophrenia reward [...]

November 10, 2022

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