Really? And What Now?

Unfortunately, sexist comments appear regularly in female PhD candidates’ careers. Even if women react to them differently, they share the similar experiences of sexism, hearing the same comments again and again.

The 500 Women Scientists Zurich Pod is organizing an event for female doctoral students to provide insights, support, and information about how to deal with and proceed when facing these challenges:

When: 24th of November 2022, 18:00
Where: ETH Alumni Pavillon (MM C 78.1)

18:00-19:00 – Informal discussion “islands” around the topics identified from the padlet testimonials with drinks and snacks

19:00-20:00 – panel discussion

20:00-21:00 – pizza, drinks, and informal discussions

We will use cartoons depicting real cases as starting points for round-table discussions. After that, we will have a panel discussion to give information about how to react within UZH and ETH institutions.

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