Inaugural Lectures

We congratulate the following researchers on their inaugural lectures given at the University of Zurich:

On February 27th, Matthias Kirschner gave an insightful talk on psychosis and their manifestations in the brain: «Psychose und Gehirn – Erkenntnisse aus der modernen Bildgebungsforschung».

Then, on March 11th, André Richter explored the relationship between psychotherapy and neuroscience: «Bitte auf die Couch – Psychotherapeutisches Wissen bereichert die Neurowissenschaften».

Two weeks later, on March 25th Philipp Homan discussed the future of psychiatry, focusing on the subject «Digitalisierung und die Zukunft der Psychiatrie».

On April 22nd, Aiman Saab shed light on the crucial topic of «Maintaining the fatty highways of the brain», whereas Sönke Böttger presented recent research on the delirium: «Klinische Herausforderungen und neue Ansätze in der Erkennung des Delirs».

Finally, on May 8th, Katrin Preller delved into the captivating subject of «The human brain on LSD – Implications for psychedelics as potential therapeutics in psychiatry».

Image: Screenshot of lecture on vimeo