Recent honors

SNFS Advanced Grant 23 for Fritjof Helmchen

The Grant finances a project investigating memory formation in the brain. So far, glial cells were barely considered when studying memory formation. Evidence is now growing stronger that glial cells – specifically astrocytes – are more than just physical support but also communicate with neurons and thus may play an essential role in memory. It is these astrocytes that the research project is focusing on. We congratulate Fritjof Helmchen on this Grant and wish him all the best for his investigations!


Poster and Ph.D. Thesis Awards

The Prizes were announced at the ZNZ Symposium on 14 September 2023. We congratulate:

ZNZ Best Dissertation Award 2023

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez-Bohorquez, Brain Research Institute, UZH
Metabolic regulators of brain morphogenesis: Role of FASN-dependent de novo lipogenesis in cortical development and intellectual disability

Stewart Berry Memorial Poster Awards 2023

Gizem Aydemir et al., Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH & ETH
Dynamics of focally hyperconcentrated drug release

Dr. Tommaso Fedele, Children’s University Hospital Zurich
Changes in synaptic dynamics underlies benzodiazepine resistance in paediatric status epilepticus

Dr. Zoe Looser, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UZH
Potassium signaling and its function in regulating the axon-oligodendrocyte metabolic unit

Image: Jason Dent on unsplash