ZNZ Symposium – Don’t miss it

Attend the 2019 ZNZ symposium on Thursday, 12 September. Hear about memory during sleep in the Volker Henn Lecture by Prof. Jan Born, neuronal circuitry controlling motor behavior in the Koetser lecture by Prof. Silvia Arber, and choose one of the three parallel workshops.

The scientific program will open with the Volker Henn lecture by Prof. Jan Born of the University of Tübingen. Prof. Born is renowned for his work on learning and memory, particularly the role of sleep in memory formation. The title of his talk is “Systems consolidation of memory during sleep”.

Prof. Silvia Arber of the FMI and Biozentrum Basel will present this year’s Koetser Memorial Award Lecture. In her talk entitled “Circuit solutions for programming actions”, she will present recent work elucidating the organization and function of neuronal circuits at the core of regulating distinct motor behaviors in the mouse.

The three parallel workshops will cover
– Induced pluripotent stem cell models in neuroscience
– The interplay of microcirculation and plasticity after ischemic stroke (CRPP stroke), and
– Pain – concepts and circuits (CRPP Pain)

Other highlights include the presentation of the competitive Best PhD Thesis Award 2019 and short talks by new ZNZ members.

We look forward to seeing you at the ZNZ Symposium 2019
Thursday, 12 September 2019, 8:30 – 18:45
University of Zurich, Building HAH, Häldeliweg 2, 8044 Zurich.

Watch out for the program on the ZNZ webpage