ZNZ Steering Committee in Tweets

Who are the people behind the ZNZ? We have asked ZNZ Steering Committee member Prof. Susanne Wegener of the Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich, to answer a few personal questions in tweets.

Me: Neurologist, born in Rostock, Germany, married to a neuroscientist, 2 great school-age girls; I like to be with family and friends, play tennis, and the piano.

Describe your role in the ZNZ Steering Committee? As a clinical scientist, I am fascinated by basic research that reaches the clinic. I want to help advancing communication and collaboration between basic and clinical researchers so that “translational research” is not just an empty phrase.

What’s your elevator speech about the ZNZ? A really fascinating network of exceptional Zurich neuroscientists from many disciplines

What makes you come to work every day? I am privileged to have a versatile, rewarding job that includes work with patients, interacting with competent colleagues, both in the clinic and for my research. Plus, I have the freedom to work on scientific topics that fascinate me.

What keeps you up at night? Fortunately, I sleep like a log. I don’t like unsolved conflicts therefore, open and honest communication is important to me.

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