ZNZ Steering Committee in Tweets

Who are the people behind the ZNZ? In this issue Prof. Armin Curt of the Spinal Cord Injury Center, University Hospital Balgrist and member of the ZNZ Steering Committee discloses in tweets what his motivation is both at work and as a member of the ZNZ Steering Committee.

Me: Neurologist who, by chance, became highly interested in the treatment of patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). Married and father of two highly entertaining boys.

Describe your role in the ZNZ Steering Committee: To set up the translational discussion between clinical and pre-clinical science. I am interested in implementing new research results into early clinical trials.

What’s your elevator speech about the ZNZ? ZNZ is a unique, well-organized community that engages diverse researchers with a shared interest in neuroscience, which is essential for #translational science.

What makes you come to work every day? My motivation stems from my daily work with patients. To see the need of improving SCI treatment and functional recovery is what makes me come to work.

What keeps you up at night? It takes so much time and effort to implement progress made in pre-clinical science into the clinic. This slow progress in translational science worries me.