ZNZ PhD Grants 2018

Through the Bertha-Meierhofer Fund and a generous donation of the ZNZ Patronage, four young research groups were awarded with PhD Grants covering doctoral student salaries for one year each.

The following students are supported:
Sabine Dziemian, investigating neuroanatomical characteristics of data-driven ADHD subgroups in an existing large sample in the group of Nicolas Langer.

Sherida de Leeuw
, deciphering the role of ApoE for the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease using isogenic iPSC-derived astrocytes in the group of Christian Tackenberg.

Helena Aicher working on counteracting depressive states with disembodiment, guided by Bigna Lenggenhager.

Zoe Looser exploring activity-dependent metabolic support to myelinated axons in the group of Aiman Saab.

For more information about ZNZ PhD grants visit the ZNZ website