ZNZ BrainWeekend

How and where do we generate thoughts? What does our brain do during sleep? Can we trick our brain? And what happens if it doesn’t seem to think normally? The ZNZ invites you to the science fair „100 ways of thinking“ at the Kunsthalle Zürich, Löwenbräu –Areal, September 8-9.

During the „ZNZ BrainWeekend“ we will inspect our brain from different perspectives. Scientists with different backgrounds, from Medicine to Theology, will take us on a journey through our brain. Short talks, critical discussions and a „Brain Parcours“ will offer many opportunities to playfully look inside the brain and get together with Neuroscientists.

On Sunday, enjoy the „Brain Brunch“ to inspire and feed your brain, while joining discussions about the brain and the spirit, thinking and believing. Later on Sunday, the UZH Medical Faculty will feature a discussion round with the newly elected director UMZH, Beatrice Beck Schimmer, about Medicine and Gender.

If after all this thinking your head needs to cool down: visit our „Denkbar“, which is open throughout the weekend!

Program ZNZ BrainWeekend

Science fair „100 ways of thinking“