When the Brain is Hurt

The BrainFair 22 is devoted to the topic of Brain Injuries. In four panel discussions and a series of short lectures, experts will look at brain injuries, their consequences and therapies from various perspectives. On a course organized by FRAGILE Suisse, visitors can experience very impressively what it means to live with a brain injury.

An estimated 3,000 to 5,000 people per year suffer from a traumatic brain injury in Switzerland. But brain hemorrhages, strokes, tumors or other diseases can also damage the central nervous system. The consequences of a brain injury vary and depend on the severity of the injury as well as on the brain region that is affected. In addition to externally recognizable symptoms such as paralysis or speech problems, impairments that are not visible at first glance can also occur, such as memory disorders, changes in behavior or visual disturbances.

In 2020, the BrainFair program on Brain Injuries was ready to start. Unfortunately, the events were cancelled last minute because of the the first lockdown. Since then, the research in Zurich has further progressed and now, two years later, the organizational committee plans a refreshed program on the topic. In the meantime, even lockdowns and health or safety measures can no longer throw a spanner in the works: after last year’s BrainFair, the organizational committee is experienced with online events. The BrainFair 2022 from March 14th to 19th will be held hopefully in-person and not online. The final program is available on the website.

As part of the BrainFair, each year a program is organized for school classes. In 2022 twenty researchers from the ZNZ will speak on various topics related to brain research.