Welcome to the ZNZ

The ZNZ welcomes its new group leaders. Read on to learn about their research interests.

Dr. Valerio Zerbi
Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich

Valerio uses MRI-based connectomic mapping in animal models, in combination with neuromodulation methods and behavioral tests to study the neural mechanisms underpinning reward and motivation. More specifically, particular brain circuits are stimulated using optogenetics or other tools during simultaneous functional imaging acquisition in the MRI scanner. More

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schratt
Institute for Neuroscience (INS), ETH Zurich

Gerhard’s lab wants to understand the function of different classes of RNAs that originate from non-coding parts of the genome (so-called non-coding RNAs) in mammalian synapse development and plasticity. A major focus here is on microRNAs, small regulatory RNAs that control the expression of protein-coding genes at the post-transcriptional level. More

PD Dr. sc. ETH Markus Christen
Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine & UZH Digital Society Initiative, University of Zurich

Markus investigates research topics at the interfaces of ethics, neuroscience, psychology and information technology. His group uses both empirical and normative methodologies in currently nine projects: moral intelligence components; family life, health & moral development; brain death and transplantation; serious moral games; neuromodulation; moral decision making and autonomous systems; big data; visualizing morally loaded data; cybersecurity. More


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