Tribute to Hanns Möhler

Volumes 72 and 73 of Advances in Pharmacology honor Hanns Möhler, Professor Emeritus since 2005, and his work. Contributing authors have all been associated with Prof. Möhler during their career. The volumes provide a good mix of looking back at Möhler’s scientific achievements and describing the latest developments in the field. 

“Diversity and Functions of GABA Receptors: A Tribute to Hanns Möhler”, a new volume of Advances in Pharmacology, presents the diversity and functions of GABA receptors. The volume looks at research performed in the past 20 years, which has revealed specific physiological and pharmacological functions of individual GABAA receptor subtypes, providing novel opportunities for drug development.  The book that consists of two parts is edited by Uwe Rudolph and features contributions from the best authors in the field.

Dr. Rudolph is Director of the Laboratory of Genetic Neuropharmacoloy at McLean Hospital and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Rudolph started working on GABA-A receptors in the laboratory of Hanns Möhler at the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University of Zurich.

“Diversity and Functions of GABA Receptors: A Tribute to Hanns Möhler”
Advances in Pharmacology 2015; 72 and 73
Uwe Rudolph (Editor)
2015 Academic Press Inc (Publisher)
978-0-12-802660-1 / 978-0-12-802658-8 (ISBN)
Part A / Part B