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Funding for MRI in spinal cord injuries

MRI has greatly improved the visualization of changes in the central nervous system, but how do these changes relate to changes in the underlying tissue microstructure? A European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) funded project coordinated […]

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Geared for choice

Our brain is geared to make choices, but how does this work and which brain regions are involved? Research by Marcus Grueschow, Christian Ruff and colleagues has for the first time broken apart the value […]

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fMRI for clinical neuroimaging

In order to make fMRI fit for clinical application in psychiatric disorders, the groups of Klaas Stephan, Klaas Prüssmann and Dominik Bach are developing methods to increase image resolution. They will soon start the clinical […]

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Optimal anesthetics for fMRI

In order to study functional connectivity with fMRI in the mouse brain, the animals have to be anesthetized. But how do anesthetics influence functional connectivity and which anesthetics should be used for fMRI? The recent […]

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All for the children

Sick children need targeted research, as their bodies differ from those of adults. Therapy developed for adults can therefore be only partially translated to treatments for children. “Research concentrated on the child gives us the […]