Symptoms of stress

The flagship project STRESS financed by Hochschulmedizin Zürich (HMZ) celebrates its first anniversary – reflecting on achievements and future directions in the pursuit of biomarkers to predict mental and physical symptoms of stress. 

Stress affects millions of people worldwide and remains a serious public health problem with a long-term impact on physical and mental health. The HMZ project STRESS aims to identify biological markers and develop novel tools for diagnostics and intervention. Particularly, the establishment of biomarkers predicting mental and physical symptoms of stress, and markers revealing traits of resilience will allow individuals at risk to be identified and interventions to be tailored. 
The consortium partners convened for their 1st annual symposium last month to present and discuss the results of the five individual projects and of the behavioral, molecular, cardiovascular and bioinformatic core platforms. The symposium also hosted the 5th annual meeting of the Swiss Stress Network, a large consortium gathering most groups working on stress in Switzerland.


Image: Elisa Ventur on unsplash