SNSF Consolidator Grant for Jessberger

The SNSF Consolidator Grants are part of the Temporary Backup Schemes launched in March 2014. They made it possible for outstanding researchers working or planning to work at a Swiss research institution to apply for grants to the SNSF that are comparable to the prestigious “frontier research grants” of the ERC.

Prof. Sebastian Jessberger of the Brain Research Institute, UZH, will be supported with CHF 1.8 million for the project “Elucidating the Role of Lipid Metabolism for Life-long Neurogenesis in the Mammalian Brain”. Sebastian’s group has discovered that neural stem cells in the adult brain boost their levels of lipid metabolism to grow and generate new neurons. The grant will enable the group to investigate in detail which metabolic changes occur during the development from the stem cell to the new neuron and if a modulation of this metabolism can influence cognitive processes in the brain.

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