Recent Publications by ZNZ Members

Read here about recent papers published by members of the Neuroscience Center Zurich.

Drowning in Children: Retrospective Analysis of Incident Characteristics, Predicting Parameters, and Long-Term Outcome
Children (Basel). 2020 Jul 1;7(7):70. doi: 10.3390/children7070070.
Authors: Liliane Raess, Anna Darms, Andreas Meyer-Heim 

Widefield fluorescence localization microscopy for transcranial imaging of cortical perfusion with capillary resolution
Opt Lett. 2020 Jul 1;45(13):3470-3473. doi: 10.1364/OL.396123.
Authors: Zhenyue Chen, Quanyu Zhou, Justine Robin, Daniel Razansky

Generalized priority-based model for smartphone screen touches
Phys Rev E. 2020 Jul;102(1-1):012307. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevE.102.012307.
Authors: Jean-Pascal Pfister, Arko Ghosh 

Important themes in Neuro-Oncology Practice: Rare brain tumors, radiotherapy and its side effects, and supportive and palliative care
Neurooncol Pract. 2020 Jul;7(4):357-358. doi: 10.1093/nop/npaa036. Epub 2020 Jul 31.
Author: Michael Weller 

Socioeconomic Burden and Quality of Life in Meningioma Patients
Qual Life Res. 2020 Jul;29(7):1801-1808. doi: 10.1007/s11136-020-02461-1. Epub 2020 Mar 3.
Authors: Hans-Georg Wirsching, Corinne Morel, Patrick Roth, Michael Weller

How did lomustine become standard of care in recurrent glioblastoma?
Cancer Treat Rev. 2020 Jul;87:102029
Authors: Weller M, Le Rhun E

ImmGen at 15.
Nat Immunol. 2020 Jul;21(7):700-703
Authors: Immunological Genome Project

Short-channel regression in functional near-infrared spectroscopy is more effective when considering heterogeneous scalp hemodynamics
Neurophotonics. 2020 Jul;7(3):035011. doi: 10.1117/1.NPh.7.3.035011. Epub 2020 Sep 29.
Authors: Dominik Wyser, Michelle Mattille, Martin Wolf, Olivier Lambercy, Felix  Scholkmann, Roger Gassert 

Impact of Intravesical Cold Sensation on Functional Network Connectivity Estimated Using ICA at Rest & During Interoceptive Task
Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2020 Jul;2020:1722-1725.doi: 10.1109/EMBC44109.2020.9176391.
Authors: Behnaz Jarrahi, Spyros Kollias

Effects of Visceral Interoception on Topological Properties of the Brain – A Graph Theory Analysis of Resting state fMRI
Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2020 Jul;2020:1116-1119.doi:
Authors: Behnaz Jarrahi, Spyros Kollias

Social and Non-Social Cognitive Enhancement in Cocaine Users-A Closer Look on Enhancement Motives for Cocaine Consumption
Front Psychiatry. 2020 Jun 30;11:618. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2020.00618. eCollection 2020.
Authors: Ann-Kathrin Kexel, Matthias Vonmoos, Katrin H Preller, Lea M Hulka, Erich Seifritz, Boris B Quednow

Prion infection, transmission, and cytopathology modeled in a low-biohazard human cell line
Life Sci Alliance. 2020 Jun 30;3(8):e202000814. doi: 10.26508/lsa.202000814. Print 2020 Aug.
Authors: Merve Avar, Daniel Heinzer, Nicolas Steinke, Berre Doğançay, Rita Moos, Severine Lugan, Claudia Cosenza, Simone Hornemann, Olivier Andréoletti, Adriano Aguzzi 

Changes in cross-frequency coupling following closed-loop auditory stimulation in non-rapid eye movement sleep
Sci Rep. 2020 Jun 30;10(1):10628. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-67392-w.
Authors: Elena Krugliakova, Carina Volk, Valeria Jaramillo, Georgia Sousouri, Reto Huber

Big behavior: challenges and opportunities in a new era of deep behavior profiling
Neuropsychopharmacology. 2020 Jun 29. doi: 10.1038/s41386-020-0751-7.Online ahead of print.
Authors: Lukas von Ziegler, Oliver Sturman, Johannes Bohacek

Genome-wide transcriptomics identifies an early preclinical signature of prion infection
PLoS Pathog. 2020 Jun 29;16(6):e1008653. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1008653. eCollection 2020 Jun.
Authors: Silvia Sorce, Mario Nuvolone, Giancarlo Russo, Andra Chincisan, Daniel Heinzer, Merve Avar, Manuela Pfammatter, Petra Schwarz, Mirzet Delic, Micha Müller, Simone Hornemann, Despina Sanoudou, Claudia Scheckel, Adriano Aguzzi 

Optical and Optoacoustic Imaging
Recent Results Cancer Res. 2020;216:155-187. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-42618-7_5.
First Online: 28 June 2020
Authors: Daniel Razansky, Vasilis Ntziachristos 

Liquid Biopsies for Diagnosing and Monitoring Primary Tumors of the Central Nervous System
Cancer Lett. 2020 Jun 28;480:24-28. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2020.03.021. Epub 2020 Mar 27.
Authors: Emilie Le Rhun, Joan Seoane, Michel Salzet, Riccardo Soffietti, Michael Weller

Subunit composition of the mammalian serine-palmitoyltransferase defines the spectrum of straight and methyl-branched long-chain bases.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020 Jun 23
Authors: Lone MA, Hülsmeier AJ, M Saied E, Karsai G, Arenz C, von Eckardstein A, Hornemann T

An On-chip Spiking Neural Network for Estimation of the Head Pose of the iCub Robot
Front Neurosci. 2020 Jun 23;14:551. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2020.00551. eCollection 2020.
Authors: Raphaela Kreiser, Alpha Renner, Vanessa R C Leite, Baris Serhan, Chiara Bartolozzi, Arren Glover, Yulia Sandamirskaya 

Ketamine Affects Prediction Errors about Statistical Regularities: A Computational Single-Trial Analysis of the Mismatch Negativity.
J Neurosci. 2020 Jun 19
Authors: Weber LA, Diaconescu AO, Mathys C, Schmidt A, Kometer M, Vollenweider F, Stephan KE

ADHD: Current Concepts and Treatments in Children and Adolescents.
Neuropediatrics. 2020 Jun 19
Authors: Drechsler R, Brem S, Brandeis D, Grünblatt E, Berger G, Walitza S

Fully Wearable Actuated Soft Exoskeleton for Grasping Assistance in Everyday Activities.
Soft Robot. 2020 Jun 18
Authors: Bützer T, Lambercy O, Arata J, Gassert R

Extending sleep to confirm insufficient sleep syndrome is challenging.
J Sleep Res. 2020 Jun 18;:e13109
Authors: Baumann-Vogel H, Hoff S, Valko PO, Poryazova R, Werth E, Baumann CR

Targeted walking in incomplete spinal cord injury: Role of corticospinal control.
J Neurotrauma. 2020 Jun 18
Authors: Meyer C, Filli L, Stalder SA, Awai Easthope C, Killeen T, von Tscharner V, Curt A, Zörner B, Bolliger M

How stress affects sleep and mental health: nocturnal heart rate increases during prolonged stress and interacts with childhood trauma exposure to predict anxiety
Sleep. 2020 Jun 15;43(6):zsz310. doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsz310.
Authors: Yasmine Azza, Marcus Grueschow, Walter Karlen, Erich Seifritz, Birgit Kleim

Quantification of Molecular Interactions in Living Cells in Real Time using a Membrane Protein Nanopattern.
Anal Chem. 2020 Jun 11
Authors: Reichmuth AM, Zimmermann M, Wilhelm F, Frutiger A, Blickenstorfer Y, Fattinger C, Waldhoer M, Vörös J

Earlier Age of Second Language Learning Induces More Robust Speech Encoding in the Auditory Brainstem in Adults, Independent of Amount of Language Exposure During Early Childhood
Brain Lang. 2020 Jun 11;207:104815. doi: 10.1016/j.bandl.2020.104815.
Authors: Nathalie Giroud, Shari R Baum, Annie C Gilbert, Natalie A Phillips, Vincent Gracco

Comparative analysis of the intracellular responses to disease-related aggregation-prone proteins.
J Proteomics. 2020 Jun 11;:103862
Authors: Melnik A, Cappelletti V, Vaggi F, Piazza I, Tognetti M, Schwarz C, Cereghetti G, Ahmed MA, Soste M, Matlack K, de Souza N, Csikasz-Nagy A, Picotti P

Development of Folate Receptor-Targeted PET Radiopharmaceuticals for Tumor Imaging-A Bench-to-Bedside Journey
Cancers (Basel). 2020 Jun 9;12(6):E1508. doi: 10.3390/cancers12061508.
Authors: Silvan D Boss, Simon Mensah Ametamey

Neural Correlates of Body Integrity Dysphoria.
Curr Biol. 2020 Jun 08;30(11):2191-2195.e3
Authors: Saetta G, Hänggi J, Gandola M, Zapparoli L, Salvato G, Berlingeri M, Sberna M, Paulesu E, Bottini G, Brugger P

Crossed Cerebellar Diaschisis Indicates Hemodynamic Compromise in Ischemic Stroke Patients.
Transl Stroke Res. 2020 Jun 06
Authors: von Bieberstein L, van Niftrik CHB, Sebök M, El Amki M, Piccirelli M, Stippich C, Regli L, Luft AR, Fierstra J, Wegener S

Shedding Light on Social Reward Circuitry: (Un)common Blueprints in Humans and Rodents.
Neuroscientist. 2020 Jun 06;:1073858420923552
Authors: Grimm C, Balsters JH, Zerbi V

Short communication: Embolization of tumor cells is rare in patients with systemic cancer and cerebral large vessel occlusion.
Eur J Neurol. 2020 Jun 03
Authors: Wolpert F, Kulcszar Z, Hänsel M, Rushing E, Seystahl K, Schweizer J, Roth P, Luft AR, Wegener S, Weller M

Monitoring of Stimulus Evoked Murine Somatosensory Cortex Hemodynamic Activity With Volumetric Multi-Spectral Optoacoustic Tomography
Front Neurosci. 2020 Jun 3;14:536. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2020.00536. eCollection 2020.
Authors: Benedict Mc Larney, Magdalena Anastasia Hutter, Oleksiy Degtyaruk, Xosé Luís Deán-Ben, Daniel Razansky

Dissociable mechanisms govern when and how strongly reward attributes affect decisions.
Nat Hum Behav. 2020 Jun 01
Authors: Maier SU, Raja Beharelle A, Polanía R, Ruff CC, Hare TA

A contemporary perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of diffuse gliomas in adults.
Swiss Med Wkly. 2020 Jun 01;150:w20256
Authors: Roth P, Hottinger AF, Hundsberger T, Läubli H, Schucht P, Reinert M, Mamot C, Roelcke U, Pesce G, Hofer S, Weller M

Viral depletion of calcitonin receptors in the area postrema: A proof-of-concept study.
Physiol Behav. 2020 Jun 01;:112992
Authors: Coester B, Foll CL, Lutz TA

Terrifying film music mimics alarming acoustic feature of human screams
J Acoust Soc Am. 2020 Jun;147(6):EL540. doi: 10.1121/10.0001459.
Authors: Caitlyn Trevor, Luc H Arnal, Sascha Frühholz

Independent Prognostic Value of MRproANP (Midregional Proatrial Natriuretic Peptide) Levels in Patients With Stroke Is Unaltered Over Time
Stroke. 2020 Jun;51(6):1873-1875. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.120.029333. Epub 2020 Mar 27.
Authors: Markus Arnold, Christos Nakas, Andreas Luft, Mirjam Christ-Crain, Alexander Leichtle, Mira Katan

Walking through virtual mazes: Spontaneous alternation behaviour in human adults.
Cortex. 2020 Jun;127:1-16
Authors: Rothacher Y, Nguyen A, Lenggenhager B, Kunz A, Brugger P

The relation between neuronal firing, local field potentials and hemodynamic activity in the human amygdala in response to aversive dynamic visual stimuli.
Neuroimage. 2020 Jun;213:116705
Authors: Fedele T, Tzovara A, Steiger B, Hilfiker P, Grunwald T, Stieglitz L, Jokeit H, Sarnthein J

Being Short, Sweet, and Sour: Congruent Visuo-Olfactory Stimulation Enhances Illusory Embodiment.
Perception. 2020 Jun;49(6):693-696
Authors: Roel Lesur M, Aicher H, Delplanque S, Lenggenhager B

Depatuxizumab Mafodotin (ABT-414)-induced Glioblastoma Cell Death Requires EGFR Overexpression, but Not EGFR Y1068 Phosphorylation
Mol Cancer Ther. 2020 Jun;19(6):1328-1339. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-19-0609. Epub 2020 May 5.
Authors: Caroline von Achenbach, Manuela Silginer, Vincent Blot, William A Weiss, Michael Weller

Astrocyte dysfunction increases cortical dendritic excitability and promotes cranial pain in familial migraine.
Sci Adv. 2020 Jun;6(23):eaaz1584
Authors: Romanos J, Benke D, Pietrobon D, Zeilhofer HU, Santello M

Spatio-temporal properties of sleep slow waves and implications for development.
Curr Opin Physiol. 2020 Jun;15:172-182
Authors: Timofeev I, Schoch SF, LeBourgeois MK, Huber R, Riedner BA, Kurth S

The hypothalamus as a primary coordinator of memory updating.
Physiol Behav. 2020 May 30;223:112988
Authors: Burdakov D, Peleg-Raibstein D

Detecting Protein-Small Molecule Interactions Using Limited Proteolysis-Mass Spectrometry (LiP-MS).
Trends Biochem Sci. 2020 May 29
Authors: Pepelnjak M, de Souza N, Picotti P

SWI and phase imaging reveal intracranial calcifications in the P301L mouse model of human tauopathy.
MAGMA. 2020 May 28
Authors: Ni R, Zarb Y, Kuhn GA, Müller R, Yundung Y, Nitsch RM, Kulic L, Keller A, Klohs J

Compressed Optoacoustic Sensing of Volumetric Cardiac Motion
IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2020 May 28;PP. doi: 10.1109/TMI.2020.2985134. Online ahead of print.
Authors: Ali Ozbek, Xose Luis Dean-Ben, Daniel Razansky

Venous thromboembolic events in patients with brain metastases: the PICOS score.
Eur J Cancer. 2020 May 27;134:75-85
Authors: Wolpert F, Berghoff AS, Grossenbacher B, Lareida A, Löb R, Roth P, Neidert MC, Andratschke N, Le Rhun E, Preusser M, Weller M

Augmented Reality-Based Rehabilitation of Gait Impairments: Case Report.
JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2020 May 26;8(5):e17804
Authors: Held JPO, Yu K, Pyles C, Veerbeek JM, Bork F, Heining SM, Navab N, Luft AR

Single-Cell Mapping of Human Brain Cancer Reveals Tumor-Specific Instruction of Tissue-Invading Leukocytes.
Cell. 2020 May 22
Authors: Friebel E, Kapolou K, Unger S, Núñez NG, Utz S, Rushing EJ, Regli L, Weller M, Greter M, Tugues S, Neidert MC, Becher B

Effect of Nivolumab vs Bevacizumab in Patients With Recurrent Glioblastoma: The CheckMate 143 Phase 3 Randomized Clinical Trial.
JAMA Oncol. 2020 May 21
Authors: Reardon DA, Brandes AA, Omuro A, Mulholland P, Lim M, Wick A, Baehring J, Ahluwalia MS, Roth P, Bähr O, Phuphanich S, Sepulveda JM, De Souza P, Sahebjam S, Carleton M, Tatsuoka K, Taitt C, Zwirtes R, Sampson J, Weller M

Differential ESR1 Promoter Methylation in the Peripheral Blood-Findings from the Women 40+ Healthy Aging Study.
Int J Mol Sci. 2020 May 21;21(10):
Authors: Gardini ES, Chen GG, Fiacco S, Mernone L, Willi J, Turecki G, Ehlert U

Fast sensory representations in the lateral hypothalamus and their roles in brain function.
Physiol Behav. 2020 May 20;:112952
Authors: Bracey E, Burdakov D

Event-Based Computation for Touch Localization Based on Precise Spike Timing.
Front Neurosci. 2020 May 19;14:420
Authors: Haessig G, Milde MB, Aceituno PV, Oubari O, Knight JC, van Schaik A, Benosman RB, Indiveri G

Bayesian regression explains how human participants handle parameter uncertainty
PLoS Comput Biol. 2020 May 18;16(5):e1007886. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1007886. eCollection 2020 May.
Authors: Jannes Jegminat, Maya A Jastrzębowska, Matthew V Pachai, Michael H Herzog, Jean-Pascal Pfister 

Mice lacking spinal α2GABAA receptors: Altered GABAergic neurotransmission, diminished GABAergic antihyperalgesia, and potential compensatory mechanisms preventing a hyperalgesic phenotype.
Brain Res. 2020 May 18;1741:146889
Authors: Tudeau L, Acuña MA, Albisetti GW, Neumann E, Ralvenius WT, Scheurer L, Poe M, Cook JM, Johannssen HC, Zeilhofer HU

miRNA regulation of social and anxiety-related behaviour.
Cell Mol Life Sci. 2020 May 14
Authors: Narayanan R, Schratt G

Spherical array system for high precision transcranial ultrasound stimulation and optoacoustic imaging in rodents
IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control. 2020 May 14;PP. doi: 10.1109/TUFFC.2020.2994877.Online ahead of print.
Authors: Hector Estrada, Ali Ozbek, Justine Robin, Shy Shoham, Daniel Razansky

Neural dynamics of sentiment processing during naturalistic sentence reading.
Neuroimage. 2020 May 13;:116934
Authors: Pfeiffer C, Hollenstein N, Zhang C, Langer N

Lessons learned from conducting a pragmatic, randomized, crossover trial on robot-assisted gait training in children with cerebral palsy (PeLoGAIT).
J Pediatr Rehabil Med. 2020 May 09
Authors: Ammann-Reiffer C, Bastiaenen CHG, Meyer-Heim AD, van Hedel HJA

Inflamm-aging and obstructive sleep apnoea: a reciprocal relationship.
Eur Heart J. 2020 May 08
Authors: Liberale L, Camici GG

Could an endo-lysosomal ion channel be the Achilles heel of SARS-CoV2?
Cell Calcium. 2020 May 06;88:102212
Authors: Grimm C, Tang R

Targeting Therapeutic Antibodies to the CNS: a Comparative Study of Intrathecal, Intravenous, and Subcutaneous Anti-Nogo A Antibody Treatment after Stroke in Rats.
Neurotherapeutics. 2020 May 06
Authors: Wahl AS, Correa D, Imobersteg S, Maurer MA, Kaiser J, Augath MA, Schwab ME

Symposium summary: Epigenetic inheritance-impact for biology and society 26-28 August 2019, Zurich, Switzerland
Environ Epigenet. 2020 May 6;6(1):dvaa004. doi: 10.1093/eep/dvaa004. eCollection 2020 Jan.
Authors: Irina Lazar-Contes, Martin Roszkowski, Deepak K Tanwar, Isabelle M Mansuy 

FASN-Dependent Lipid Metabolism Links Neurogenic Stem/Progenitor Cell Activity to Learning and Memory Deficits.
Cell Stem Cell. 2020 May 05
Authors: Bowers M, Liang T, Gonzalez-Bohorquez D, Zocher S, Jaeger BN, Kovacs WJ, Röhrl C, Cramb KML, Winterer J, Kruse M, Dimitrieva S, Overall RW, Wegleiter T, Najmabadi H, Semenkovich CF, Kempermann G, Földy C, Jessberger S

Depatuxizumab mafodotin (ABT-414)-induced glioblastoma cell death requires EGFR overexpression, but not EGFRY1068 phosphorylation.
Mol Cancer Ther. 2020 May 5:molcanther.0609.2019. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-19-0609
Authors: von Achenbach C, Silginer M, Blot V, Weiss WA, Weller M.

Central control of energy balance by amylin and calcitonin receptor agonists and their potential for treatment of metabolic diseases.
Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2020 May 04
Authors: Zakariassen HL, John LM, Lutz TA

How did lomustine become standard of care in recurrent glioblastoma?
Cancer Treat Rev. 2020 May 4;87:102029. doi: 10.1016/j.ctrv.2020.102029.
Authors: Weller M, Le Rhun E

Avenue for Future Tinnitus Treatments.
Otolaryngol Clin North Am. 2020 May 04
Authors: Kleinjung T, Langguth B

The importance of the fibre tracts connecting the planum temporale in absolute pitch possessors.
Neuroimage. 2020 May 01;211:116590
Authors: Burkhard A, Hänggi J, Elmer S, Jäncke L

Rapid functional optoacoustic micro-angiography in a burst mode
Opt Lett. 2020 May 1;45(9):2522-2525. doi: 10.1364/OL.387630.
Authors: Urs A T Hofmann, Johannes Rebling, Héctor Estrada, Pavel Subochev, Daniel Razansky

Skipping adolescence to become super-inflammatory monocytes.
Nat Immunol. 2020 May;21(5):491-492
Authors: Becher B, De Feo D, Amorim A, Greter M

Tyrosine hydroxylase deficiency-Clinical insights and a novel deletion in TH gene in an Indian patient.
JIMD Rep. 2020 May;53(1):12-15
Authors: Bijarnia-Mahay S, Jain V, Thöny B

Guidelines on urinary incontinence: it is time to join forces!
BJU Int. 2020 May;125(5):625-626
Authors: Kessler TM

How we treat patients with brain tumour during the COVID-19 pandemic.
ESMO Open. 2020 May;4(Suppl 2):e000789. doi: 10.1136/esmoopen-2020-000789.
Authors: Weller M, Preusser M

Causal Contributions of Human Frontal Eye Fields to Distinct Aspects of Decision Formation
Sci Rep. 2020 Apr 30;10(1):7317.doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-64064-7.
Authors: Carolina Murd, Marius Moisa, Marcus Grueschow, Rafael Polania, Christian C Ruff

Neuro-Urology, Quo Vadis?
Eur Urol Focus. 2020 Apr 29
Authors: Kessler TM

Neural Dynamics of Karaoke-Like Voice Imitation in Singing Performance.
Front Hum Neurosci. 2020 Apr 28;14:135
Authors: Frühholz S, Trost W, Constantinescu I, Grandjean D

Neuromodulation of sleep rhythms in schizophrenia: Towards the rational design of non-invasive brain stimulation.
Schizophr Res. 2020 Apr 27
Authors: Fröhlich F, Lustenberger C

[18 F]Flurpiridaz: Facile and Improved Precursor Synthesis for this Next-Generation Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Agent.
ChemMedChem. 2020 Apr 23
Authors: Ahmed H, Haider A, Gisler L, Schibli R, Gebhard C, Ametamey SM

Accounting for Heterogeneity: Mixed-Effects Models in Resting-State EEG Data in a Sample of Tinnitus Sufferers.
Brain Topogr. 2020 Apr 23
Authors: Riha C, Güntensperger D, Kleinjung T, Meyer M

Cortical Excitation:Inhibition Imbalance Causes Abnormal Brain Network Dynamics as Observed in Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
Cereb Cortex. 2020 Apr 21
Authors: Markicevic M, Fulcher BD, Lewis C, Helmchen F, Rudin M, Zerbi V, Wenderoth N

Modulating dream experience: Noninvasive brain stimulation over the sensorimotor cortex reduces dream movement.
Sci Rep. 2020 Apr 21;10(1):6735
Authors: Noreika V, Windt JM, Kern M, Valli K, Salonen T, Parkkola R, Revonsuo A, Karim AA, Ball T, Lenggenhager B

Reduced uptake of [11C]-ABP688, a PET tracer for metabolic glutamate receptor 5 in hippocampus and amygdala in Alzheimer’s dementia.
Brain Behav. 2020 Apr 18;:e01632
Authors: Treyer V, Gietl AF, Suliman H, Gruber E, Meyer R, Buchmann A, Johayem A, Unschuld PG, Nitsch RM, Buck A, Ametamey SM, Hock C

A neurocognitive model of perceptual decision-making on emotional signals.
Hum Brain Mapp. 2020 Apr 15;41(6):1532-1556
Authors: Dricu M, Frühholz S

Half the message is just mess: judging the value of urodynamics based on partial or poor quality results.
BJU Int. 2020 Apr 11
Authors: Gammie A, Kessler TM

Preclinical validation of the micropipette-guided drug administration (MDA) method in the maternal immune activation model of neurodevelopmental disorders.
Brain Behav Immun. 2020 Apr 09
Authors: Scarborough J, Mueller F, Arban R, Dorner-Ciossek C, Weber-Stadlbauer U, Rosenbrock H, Meyer U, Richetto J

Spatiotemporal refinement of signal flow through association cortex during learning.
Nat Commun. 2020 Apr 08;11(1):1744
Authors: Gilad A, Helmchen F

Muscle-specific modulation of indirect inputs to primary motor cortex during action observation.
Exp Brain Res. 2020 Apr 07
Authors: Cretu AL, Ruddy KL, Post A, Wenderoth N

Multimodal assessment shows misalignment of structural and functional thalamocortical connectivity in children and adolescents born very preterm.
Neuroimage. 2020 Apr 07;215:116779
Authors: Wehrle FM, Lustenberger C, Buchmann A, Latal B, Hagmann CF, O’Gorman RL, Huber R

A Proteogenomic Resource Enabling Integrated Analysis of Listeria Genotype-Proteotype-Phenotype Relationships.
J Proteome Res. 2020 Apr 03;19(4):1647-1662
Authors: Varadarajan AR, Goetze S, Pavlou MP, Grosboillot V, Shen Y, Loessner MJ, Ahrens CH, Wollscheid B

Depression: a new enzyme AT play.
EMBO Rep. 2020 Apr 03;21(4):e49921
Authors: Martins HC, Schratt G

Early Fate Defines Microglia and Non-parenchymal Brain Macrophage Development.
Cell. 2020 Apr 01
Authors: Utz SG, See P, Mildenberger W, Thion MS, Silvin A, Lutz M, Ingelfinger F, Rayan NA, Lelios I, Buttgereit A, Asano K, Prabhakar S, Garel S, Becher B, Ginhoux F, Greter M

New Paradigms of Clinical Trial Design for Genetic Prion Diseases
Lancet Neurol. 2020 Apr;19(4):284-285.  doi: 10.1016/S1474-4422(20)30029-6. Epub 2020 Mar 18.
Authors: Adriano Aguzzi, Karl Frontzek

Role of spontaneous and sensory orexin network dynamics in rapid locomotion initiation.
Prog Neurobiol. 2020 Apr;187:101771
Authors: Karnani MM, Schöne C, Bracey EF, González JA, Viskaitis P, Li HT, Adamantidis A, Burdakov D

Activation of D1 receptors affects human reactivity and flexibility to valued cues.
Neuropsychopharmacology. 2020 Apr;45(5):780-785
Authors: Soutschek A, Kozak R, de Martinis N, Howe W, Burke CJ, Fehr E, Jetter A, Tobler PN

Interferon-β sensitizes human glioblastoma cells to the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, TG02.
Oncol Lett. 2020 Apr;19(4):2649-2656. doi: 10.3892/ol.2020.11362. Epub 2020 Jan 30.
Lohmann B, Rhun EL, Silginer M, Epskamp M, Weller M

Automated False Alarm Reduction in a Real-Life Intensive Care Setting Using Motion Detection
Neurocrit Care. 2020 Apr;32(2):419-426. doi: 10.1007/s12028-019-00711-w.
Authors: Carl Muroi, Sando Meier, Valeria De Luca, David J Mack, Christian Strässle, Patrick Schwab, Walter Karlen, Emanuela Keller 

Multimodal imaging combining time-domain near-infrared optical tomography and continuous-wave fluorescence molecular tomography.
Opt Express. 2020 Mar 30;28(7):9860-9874
Authors: Ren W, Jiang J, Costanzo Mata AD, Kalyanov A, Ripoll J, Lindner S, Charbon E, Zhang C, Rudin M, Wolf M

Dynamic human and avatar facial expressions elicit differential brain responses.
Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci. 2020 Mar 30
Authors: Kegel LC, Brugger P, Frühholz S, Grunwald T, Hilfiker P, Kohnen O, Loertscher ML, Mersch D, Rey A, Sollfrank T, Steiger BK, Sternagel J, Weber M, Jokeit H

End-of-life care for glioma patients; the caregivers’ perspective.
J Neurooncol. 2020 Mar 30. doi: 10.1007/s11060-020-03471-2. [Epub ahead of print]
Authors: Hertler C, Eisele G, Gramatzki D, Seystahl K, Wolpert F, Roth P, Weller M

Epigenetic Modifications in Schizophrenia and Related Disorders: Molecular Scars of Environmental Exposures and Source of Phenotypic Variability.
Biol Psychiatry. 2020 Mar 28
Authors: Richetto J, Meyer U

Psychometrics of Disembodiment and Its Differential Modulation by Visuomotor and Visuotactile Mismatches.
iScience. 2020 Mar 27;23(3):100901
Authors: Roel Lesur M, Weijs ML, Simon C, Kannape OA, Lenggenhager B

Fast Confirmation of Antibody Identity by MALDI-TOF MS Fingerprints.
Antibodies (Basel) 2020 Mar 26;9(2). pii: E8. doi: 10.3390/antib9020008.
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