Recent Publications by ZNZ Members

Read here about recent papers published by members of the Neuroscience Center Zurich.

What does “moderate pain” mean? Subgroups holding different conceptions of rating scales evaluate experimental pain differently.
Eur J Pain. 2020 Mar;24(3):625-638
Authors: Becker S, Fuchs X, Schakib-Ekbatan K, Schweiker M

Neuroimaging in Neuro-Urology.
Eur Urol Focus. 2020 Feb 28
Authors: Mehnert U, van der Lely S, Seif M, Leitner L, Liechti MD, Michels L

TRPML Cation Channels in Inflammation and Immunity.
Front Immunol. 2020 Feb 28;11:225
Authors: Spix B, Chao YK, Abrahamian C, Chen CC, Grimm C

Tracking the neurodegenerative gradient after spinal cord injury.
Neuroimage Clin. 2020 Feb 25;26:102221
Authors: Azzarito M, Seif M, Kyathanahally S, Curt A, Freund P

Functional dedifferentiation of associative resting state networks in older adults – A longitudinal study.
Neuroimage. 2020 Feb 24;214:116680
Authors: Malagurski B, Liem F, Oschwald J, Mérillat S, Jäncke L

Gaze, behavioral, and clinical data for phantom limbs after hand amputation from 15 amputees and 29 controls.
Sci Data. 2020 02 20;7(1):60
Authors: Saetta G, Cognolato M, Atzori M, Faccio D, Giacomino K, Mittaz Hager AG, Tiengo C, Bassetto F, Müller H, Brugger P

Emotional conflict adaptation predicts intrusive memories.
PLoS One. 2020 Feb 20;15(2):e0225573
Authors: Grueschow M, Jelezarova I, Westphal M, Ehlert U, Kleim B

Rostral Anterior Cingulate Thickness Predicts the Emotional Psilocybin Experience.
Biomedicines. 2020 Feb 18;8(2):
Authors: Lewis CR, Preller KH, Braden BB, Riecken C, Vollenweider FX

Predicting individual clinical trajectories of depression with generative embedding.
Neuroimage Clin. 2020 Feb 17;26:102213
Authors: Frässle S, Marquand AF, Schmaal L, Dinga R, Veltman DJ, van der Wee NJA, van Tol MJ, Schöbi D, Penninx BWJH, Stephan KE

Arousal-induced cortical activity triggers lactate release from astrocytes
Nature Metabolism, 2020 Feb 17, 179–191
Authors: Marc Zuend, Aiman S. Saab, Matthias T. Wyss, Kim David Ferrari, Ladina Hösli, Zoe J. Looser, Jillian L. Stobart, Jordi Duran, Joan J. Guinovart, L. Felipe Barros & Bruno Weber

Gentle rocking movements during sleep in the elderly.
J Sleep Res. 2020 Feb 15;e12989
Authors: van Sluijs R, Wilhelm E, Rondei Q, Omlin X, Crivelli F, Straumann D, Jäger L, Riener R, Achermann P

Image reversal reactive immersion lithography improves the detection limit of focal molography: erratum.
Opt Lett. 2020 Feb 15;45(4):918
Authors: Frutiger A, Tschannen CD, Blickenstorfer Y, Reichmuth AM, Fatttinger C, Vörös J

An Integrated View on Vascular Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease.
Neurodegener Dis. 2020 Feb 14;:1-19
Authors: Klohs J

The Relation Between Steroid Secretion Patterns and the Androgen Receptor Gene Polymorphism on Physical Health and Psychological Well-Being-Longitudinal Findings From the Men’s Health 40+ Study.
Front Hum Neurosci. 2020 Feb 14;14:43
Authors: Lacker TJ, Walther A, Fiacco S, Ehlert U

Marching to another clock.
Science. 2020 02 14;367(6479):740-741
Authors: Brown SA, Sato M

Tumor-Specific T Cell Activation in Malignant Brain Tumors.
Front Immunol. 2020 Feb 13;11:205
Authors: Mohme M, Neidert MC

An Automated Open-Source Workflow for Standards-Compliant Integration of Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data.
Front Neuroinform. 2020 Feb 11;14:5
Authors: Ioanas HI, Marks M, Garin CM, Dhenain M, Yanik MF, Rudin M

APOE4 moderates effects of cortical iron on synchronized default mode network activity in cognitively healthy old-aged adults.
Alzheimers Dement (Amst). 2020 Feb 7;12(1):e12002
Authors: Kagerer SM, van Bergen JMG, Li X, Quevenco FC, Gietl AF, Studer S, Treyer V, Meyer R, Kaufmann PA, Nitsch RM, van Zijl PCM, Hock C, Unschuld PG

Inflamm-ageing: the role of inflammation in age-dependent cardiovascular disease.
Eur Heart J. 2020 Feb 01
Authors: Liberale L, Montecucco F, Tardif JC, Libby P, Camici GG

Sacral Neuromodulation: Mechanism of Action.
Eur Urol Focus. 2020 Feb 01
Authors: De Wachter S, Vaganee D, Kessler TM

(Swiss) GraphoLearn: an app-based tool to support beginning readers.
Res Pract Technol Enhanc Learn. 2020; 2020;15(1):5. doi: 10.1186/s41039-020-0125-0. Epub 2020 Feb 28.
Authors: Mehringer H, Fraga-González G, Pleisch G, Röthlisberger M, Aepli F, Keller V, Karipidis II, Brem S

Apold1 deficiency associates with increased arterial thrombosis in vivo.
Eur J Clin Invest. 2020 Feb;50(2):e13191
Authors: Diaz-Cañestro C, Bonetti NR, Wüst P, Nageswaran V, Liberale L, Beer JH, Montecucco F, Lüscher TF, Bohacek J, Camici GG

cIMPACT-NOW update 5: recommended grading criteria and terminologies for IDH-mutant astrocytomas.
Acta Neuropathol. 2020 Jan 29
Authors: Brat DJ, Aldape K, Colman H, Figrarella-Branger D, Fuller GN, Giannini C, Holland EC, Jenkins RB, Kleinschmidt-DeMasters B, Komori T, Kros JM, Louis DN, McLean C, Perry A, Reifenberger G, Sarkar C, Stupp R, van den Bent MJ, von Deimling A, Weller M

Psychobiological indicators of the subjectively experienced health status – findings from the Women 40+ Healthy Aging Study.
BMC Womens Health. 2020 01 29;20(1):16
Authors: Fiacco S, Mernone L, Ehlert U

Do you understand what I want to tell you? Early sensitivity in bilinguals’ iconic gesture perception and production.
Dev Sci. 2020 Jan 28;:e12943
Authors: Wermelinger S, Gampe A, Helbling N, Daum MM

Earlier versus later cognitive event-related potentials (ERPs) in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A meta-analysis.
Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2020 Jan 25
Authors: Kaiser A, Aggensteiner PM, Baumeister S, Holz NE, Banaschewski T, Brandeis D

Dataset of human medial temporal lobe neurons, scalp and intracranial EEG during a verbal working memory task.
Sci Data. 2020 01 21;7(1):30
Authors: Boran E, Fedele T, Steiner A, Hilfiker P, Stieglitz L, Grunwald T, Sarnthein J

The Expression of Decidual Protein Induced by Progesterone (DEPP) is Controlled by Three Distal Consensus Hypoxia Responsive Element (HRE) in Hypoxic Retinal Epithelial Cells.
Genes (Basel). 2020 Jan 18;11(1):
Authors: Klee K, Storti F, Maggi J, Todorova V, Karademir D, Berger W, Samardzija M, Grimm C

Chemoselective 18F-incorporation into pyridyl acyltrifluoroborates for rapid radiolabelling of peptides and proteins at room temperature.
Chem Commun (Camb). 2020 Jan 16;56(5):723-726. doi: 10.1039/c9cc08645e.
Chiotellis A, Ahmed H, Betzel T, Tanriver M, White CJ, Song H, Da Ros S, Schibli R, Bode JW, Ametamey SM

Learning During Sleep: A Dream Comes True?
Trends Cogn Sci. 2020 Jan 15
Authors: Ruch S, Henke K

Psilocybin Induces Time-Dependent Changes in Global Functional Connectivity.
Biol Psychiatry. 2020 Jan 13
Authors: Preller KH, Duerler P, Burt JB, Ji JL, Adkinson B, Stämpfli P, Seifritz E, Repovš G, Krystal JH, Murray JD, Anticevic A, Vollenweider FX

Methods for Assessing Lower Urinary Tract Function in Animal Models.
Eur Urol Focus. 2020 Jan 11
Authors: Sartori AM, Kessler TM, Schwab ME

Outcome, Return to Work and Health-Related Costs After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.
Neurocrit Care. 2020 Jan 09
Authors: Seule M, Oswald D, Muroi C, Brandi G, Keller E

Improvement of diagnostic yield in carbamoylphosphate synthetase 1 (CPS1) molecular genetic investigation by RNA sequencing.
JIMD Rep. 2020 Jan 9;52(1):28-34. doi: 10.1002/jmd2.12091. eCollection 2020 Mar.
Authors: Isler J, Rüfenacht V, Gemperle C, Allegri G, Häberle J

Nearest neighbours reveal fast and slow components of motor learning.
Nature. 2020 Jan;577(7791):526-530. doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1892-x. Epub 2020 Jan 8.
Authors: Kollmorgen S, Hahnloser RHR, Mante V

Reduced sleep spindle density in adolescent patients with early-onset schizophrenia compared to major depressive disorder and healthy controls.
Schizophr Res. 2020 Jan 07
Authors: Gerstenberg M, Furrer M, Tesler N, Franscini M, Walitza S, Huber R

Computational optimization of associative learning experiments.
PLoS Comput Biol. 2020 Jan 06;16(1):e1007593
Authors: Melinscak F, Bach DR

The noise-resilient brain: Resting-state oscillatory activity predicts words-in-noise recognition.
Brain Lang. 2020 Jan 06;202:104727
Authors: Houweling T, Becker R, Hervais-Adelman A

Psychological resilience during the perimenopause.
Maturitas. 2020 Jan;131:48-56
Authors: Süss H, Ehlert U

Dynamic interaction patterns of monolingual and bilingual infants with their parents.
J Child Lang. 2020 Jan;47(1):45-63
Authors: Gampe A, Hartmann L, Daum MM

Does Neuronal Activity Promote Glioma Progression?
Trends Cancer. 2020 Jan;6(1):1-3
Authors: Wirsching HG, Weller M

Neuropharmacological modulation of the aberrant bodily self through psychedelics.
Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2020 01;108:526-541
Authors: Ho JT, Preller KH, Lenggenhager B

High-resolution chromosomal microarray analysis for copy-number variations in high-functioning autism reveals large aberration typical for intellectual disability.
J Neural Transm (Vienna). 2020 Jan;127(1):81-94
Authors: Werling AM, Grünblatt E, Oneda B, Bobrowski E, Gundelfinger R, Taurines R, Romanos M, Rauch A, Walitza S

Induced oscillatory signaling in the beta frequency of top-down pain modulation.
Pain Rep. 2020 Jan-Feb;5(1):e806
Authors: Diers M, de Vos CC, Gandhi W, Hoeppli ME, Becker S, Bock E, Baillet S, Schweinhardt P

Creative music therapy to promote brain function and brain structure in preterm infants: A randomized controlled pilot study.
Neuroimage Clin. 2020;25:102171. doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2020.102171. Epub 2020 Jan 13.
Authors: Haslbeck FB, Jakab A, Held U, Bassler D, Bucher HU, Hagmann C

A Simple Guide for Generating BAC Transgenic Animals for Retinal Research.
Methods Mol Biol. 2020;2092:109-122
Authors: Agca C, Grimm C

Validation and Comparison of Monte Carlo and Finite Element Method in Forward Modeling for Near Infrared Optical Tomography.
Adv Exp Med Biol. 2020;1232:307-313
Authors: Jiang J, Ren W, Isler H, Kalyanov A, Lindner S, Aldo DCM, Rudin M, Wolf M

An Overview of Rodent Models of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.
Methods Mol Biol. 2020;2128:11-24
Authors: Lutz TA

First validation of a novel assessgame quantifying selective voluntary motor control in children with upper motor neuron lesions.
Sci Rep. 2019 Dec 30;9(1):19972
Authors: Keller JW, Balzer J, Fahr A, Lieber J, Keller U, van Hedel HJA

Anti-Nogo-A antibodies prevent vascular leakage and act as pro-angiogenic factors following stroke.
Sci Rep. 2019 Dec 27;9(1):20040
Authors: Rust R, Weber RZ, Grönnert L, Mulders G, Maurer MA, Hofer AS, Sartori AM, Schwab ME

RAMP1 and RAMP3 Differentially Control Amylin’s Effects on Food Intake, Glucose and Energy Balance in Male and Female Mice.
Neuroscience. 2019 Dec 24;
Authors: Coester B, Pence SW, Arrigoni S, Boyle CN, Le Foll C, Lutz TA

FADS3 is a delta14Z sphingoid base desaturase that contributes to gender differences to the human plasma sphingolipidome.
J Biol Chem. 2019 Dec 20
Authors: Karsai G, Lone MA, Kutalik Z, Brenna JT, Li H, Pan D, von Eckardstein A, Hornemann T

Cooperation of oncolytic virotherapy with VEGF-neutralizing antibody treatment in IDH wildtype glioblastoma depends on MMP9.
Neuro Oncol. 2019 12 17;21(12):1607-1609
Authors: Wirsching HG, Arora S, Zhang H, Szulzewsky F, Cimino PJ, Quéva C, Houghton AM, Glorioso JC, Weller M, Holland EC

Classification of mouse B cell types using surfaceome proteotype maps.
Nat Commun. 2019 Dec 16;10(1):5734
Authors: van Oostrum M, Müller M, Klein F, Bruderer R, Zhang H, Pedrioli PGA, Reiter L, Tsapogas P, Rolink A, Wollscheid B

Chemoselective 18F-incorporation into pyridyl acyltrifluoroborates for rapid radiolabelling of peptides and proteins at room temperature.
Chem Commun (Camb). 2019 Dec 16
Authors: Chiotellis A, Ahmed H, Betzel T, Tanriver M, White CJ, Song H, Da Ros S, Schibli R, Bode JW, Ametamey SM

Mass spectrometry analysis of the structural proteome.
Curr Opin Struct Biol. 2019 Dec 13;60:57-65
Authors: de Souza N, Picotti P

Ultrasound: A Valuable Translational Tool to Measure Postvoid Residual in Awake Rats?
Eur Urol Focus. 2019 Dec 06
Authors: Sartori AM, Schwab ME, Kessler TM

Administration of the German Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI-G) Using the Mode of Observation in Children Undergoing Inpatient Rehabilitation: A Reliability and Validity Study.
Phys Occup Ther Pediatr. 2019 Dec 05;:1-15
Authors: Ryll UC, Bastiaenen CHG, Iten N, van Hedel HJA

Transcutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation for Treating Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction: A Pilot Study for an International Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.
Eur Urol Focus. 2019 Dec 03
Authors: Tornic J, Liechti MD, Stalder SA, Birkhäuser V, van der Lely S, Leitner L, Mehnert U, Kessler TM

Modulation of Social Cognition via Hallucinogens and “Entactogens”.
Front Psychiatry. 2019 Dec 3;10:881
Authors: Preller KH, Vollenweider FX

A New Zebrafish Model for CACNA2D4-Dysfunction.
Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2019 12 02;60(15):5124-5135
Authors: Schlegel DK, Glasauer SMK, Mateos JM, Barmettler G, Ziegler U, Neuhauss SCF

Active Cholesterol Efflux in the Retina and Retinal Pigment Epithelium.
Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019 Dec;1185:51-55
Authors: Storti F, Grimm C

Academic leadership: (with)holding the keys to translational medicine?
Nat Med. 2019 12;25(12):1812-1813
Authors: Ogier R, Knecht W, Schwab ME