Quo Vadis, ZNZ Newsletter: Vote!

The ZNZ Newsletter wants to develop further. In the last edition we wanted to know from you, where the journey should go. Here comes a second chance to vote on it for all who missed the first one. What topics are you missing, what would you like to see more of? Vote on which of our suggestions you find great or submit your own idea.

One future direction of the ZNZ Newsletter could be to focus more on independent research projects by young researchers. In the category „Way To Go“, the project initiators are introduced personally, explain what the project is about and what they could still urgently need for a successful implementation.
In the category „Pleased to Meet You“, the focus is less on research itself but more on the people behind it. Individual researchers are portrayed, e.g. ZNZ members who have come to Zurich relatively recently to take up their PhD, postdoctoral or professorship positions. How do they live, how do they experience the city, the people and the ZNZ?
In the current issue, there is the new format „A Closer Look“. Would you like to see more in-depth reports on the current state of research in areas that have repeatedly yielded hopeful results but have yet to see a clear breakthrough? Where does the research stand, what are the successes and failures in retrospect?

Your suggestions or slight variations of the proposed categories are also welcome. There is a field for open answers in the questionnaire.