PhD Thesis completed First Semester 2014!

The following students have completed their PhD thesis in the last six months:

Tobias Alther, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, UZH  (Supervisor: Prof. Esther Stoeckli)
27 February 2014
Calsyntenin 1-Dependent Vesicular Trafficking is an Important Regulator of Axonal Behavior at Choice Points

Lea Awai, Balgrist University Clinic, Zurich (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Schwab)
19 June 2014
Gait control and locomotor recovery after spinal cord injury

Damiano Azzinnari, Dept of Psychiatry,Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, UZH (Supervisor: PD Dr. Christopher Pryce)
4 April 2014
Towards Increased Understanding of Stress-related Depression and its Treatment: Neurobehavioural Studies in Mice

Saoussen Ben Halima, Dept of Psychiatry Research, UZH  (Supervisor: Prof. Lawrence Rajendran)
15 May 2014
Cell Biology of Non-Amyloid Substrates of β-Secretase in Alzheimer’s Disease

Nadja Dörig, Dept of Psychology, UZH  (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Grosse Holftforth)
21 February 2014
The Role of Emotional Processingin Psychotherapy for Depression: An Integrative Neurophysiological-Psychological Approach

Jeannine Frei, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, UZH  (Supervisor: Prof. Esther Stoeckli)
21 February 2014
The Synaptic Cell Adhesion Molecules SynCAMs Are Involved in Early Sensory Axon Pathfinding

Katharina Gapp, Brain Research Institute, UZH / ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Isabelle Mansuy)
5 December 2013
Study on the Impact of Early Chronic Stress on Behavior Across Generations of Mice

Sandra Giovanoli, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health , ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Langhans)
6 March 2014
Establishment and Characterization of an Environmental Two-Hit Mouse Model Involving Prenatal Immune Activation and Stress in Puberty

Joanes Grandjean (Supervisor: Prof. Markus Rudin)
5 May 2014
What can functional connectivity in mice tell us about Alzheimer’s disease? An investigation with resting-state fMRI at 9.4T.


Aleksandra Hodor, Institute of Anatomy, UZH (Supervisor: Prof. Hans-Peter Lipp)
5 June 2014
Effects of sleep modulation on stroke recovery in rats

Paulin Jirkof, Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, UZH (Supervisor: Prof. Margarete Arras)
17 December 2013
Animal Welfare in Biomedical Research – Behavioural Alterations as Pain Indicators in Laboratory Mice

Caroline Lustenberger, University Children’s Hospital, Zurich (Supervisor: Prof. Reto Huber)
4 December 2013
Modulating the relationship between sleep and learning

Marco Perrella, Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH / ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Kevan Martin)
16 January 2014
From single neurons to the matrix: A quantitative description of mouse primary auditory cortex (A1)

Sandra Pfister, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UZH (Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Marc Fritschy)
19 May 2014
CFTR Orchestrates Multiple Signaling Cascades in Microvillar Cells to Regulate Olfactory Epithelial Homeostasis

André Schmandke, Brain Research Institute, UZH / ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Schwab)
19 December 2013
Identification of Novel Signaling Pathways, Modulators, Binding Partners and Functions of the Neurite Outgrowth Inhibitor Nogo-A

Antonio Schmandke, Brain Research Institute, UZH / ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Schwab)
19 December 2013
The Complexity of Nogo-A Signaling: A High Throughput Screening Approach to Dissect the Role of Nogo-A’s Functional Domain Nogo-A-Delta20 in a Multi-Dimensionla Signaling Environment

Sabine Spath, Institute of Experimental Immunology, UZH (Supervisor: Prof. Burkhard Becher)
16 December 2013
The Role of GM-CSF in Autoimmune Inflammation

Rubia van den Brand,  Experimental Neurorehabilitation Lab, UZH & Spinal Cord Repair, EPFL (Supervisor: Prof. Grégoire Courtine)
20 March 2014
Neurorehabilitation and Neuroprosthetic Technologies to Regain Motor Function Following Spinal Cord Injury 

Thomas Wälchli, Brain Research Institute, UZH / ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Schwab)
21 February 2014
The role of Nogo-A and endothelial tip cells in CNS and non-CNS angiogenesis