PhD Thesis completed July to November 2014!

The following students have completed their PhD thesis in the last six months:

Reza Asadollahi, Institute of Medical Genetics, UZH
28 October 2014
Genome-wide Analysis in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: In Depth Approach to Decipher the Etiological Cause

Evelyn Avilés, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, UZH (Supervisor: Prof. Esther Stoeckli)
23 September 2014
A Wnt signaling network is required for commissural axon guidance 

Abdelhalim Azzi, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UZH (Supervisor: Prof. Steven Brown)
11 July 2014
How day length reprograms epigenetic properties and neuronal networks within the suprachiasmatic nuclei

Steffen Bollmann, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, UZH/ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Klaas Prüssmann)
4 July 2014
Multimodal imaging in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Sandra Bürgi, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UZH/ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Markus Rudin)
18 September 2014
In vivo imaging of hypoxia signaling pathway in a glioblastoma mouse model

Romain Da Costa, Institute of Medical Molecular Genetics, UZH (Supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Berger)
25 August 2014
Toward treating neurodegeneration-causing splice defects in the eye

Anna Guzik-Kornacka, Brain Research Institute, UZH/ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Schwab)
10 July 2014
Role of the Nogo-A protein in the maturation and plasticity of the mouse visual system

Mario Hermann, Institute of Neuropathology, University Hospital Zurich (Supervisor: Prof. Adriano Aguzzi)
1 July 2014
Novel techniques for high precision genome engineering

Noemi Tesler, University Children’s Hospital
25 November 2015
Brain Activity during Sleep throughout Development in Health and Disease and in the Context of Natural Environmental Influences

Flora Vajda, Brain Research Institute, UZH/ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Schwab)
30 October 2014
The role of glial versus neuronal Nogo-A in axonal regeneration in the mouse central nervous system

Bisrat Woldemichael,Brain Research Institute, UZH/ETH (Supervisor: Prof. Isabelle Mansuy)
17 November 2014
The Role of Micro-RNAs in Memory Formation and Their Regulation by Protein Phosphatase-1