PhD Grants 2020

In November, ZNZ awarded PhD Grants to three young research groups covering doctoral student salaries.

The following students are supported:

Jeanne Droux in the group of Susanne Wegener will analyze mechanical properties of neutrophils in blood capillaries after stroke, as well as hemodynamic forces that may affect their flow in capillaries. The hope is to enhance tissue reperfusion for better functional recovery after stroke.

Plamina Dimanova
in the group of Nora Raschle will use intergenerational neuroimaging techniques (comparing mothers and children) to study the degree of similarity of the reading network. This will shed more light on hereditary and acquired reading skills.

Cinzia Maschio, with her supervisor Ruiqing Ni, will measure longitudinal changes in amyloid and tau deposits, connectivity and brain shrinkage in Alzheimer mouse models. She will also investigate, if ultrasound stimulation as a therapeutic effect on the course of the disease.

For more information about ZNZ PhD Grants visit the ZNZ website.