Pharmacology of Sleep

The new book “Sleep-Wake Neurobiology and Pharmacology”, edited by Hans-Peter Landolt and Derk-Jan Dijk,connects current ideas and concepts about sleep functions and circadian rhythms with the search for novel target-selective sleep-wake therapeutics. State-of-the-art methodologies are covered, such as optogenetics and designer receptor manipulations.

In this first Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology on sleep and wakefulness, the pharmacology of sleep is discussed in the context of current knowledge of sleep function, its neuroanatomical and neurochemical bases, and including circadian rhythmicity. Sleep- and wake-promoting compounds are discussed in the same volume, which helps with understanding their interrelationships.

The book provides a timely, state-of-the-art overview of sleep-wake mechanisms in health and disease, ongoing developments in drug discovery, and their prospects for the clinical treatment of sleep disordered patients. It particularly focuses on the concept that sleep and wakefulness mutually affect each other, and the future therapeutic interventions with either sleep- or wake-promoting agents that are expected to not only improve the quality of sleep but also the waking behavior, cognition, mood and other sleep-associated physiological functions.

Sleep-Wake Neurobiology and Pharmacology
Editors: Landolt, Hans-Peter, Dijk, Derk-Jan (Eds.)
Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, Volume 253, 481 pages.
Springer International Publishing, 2019