Ophthalmology Prize for Konrad Weber

Konrad Weber receives the Alfred-Vogt Award for simplifying the measurement of squint angles with a newly developed video system. Children and patients with congenital strabismus will benefit in particular.

PD Dr. med. Konrad P. Weber, from the Interdisciplinary Center for Vertigo & Neurologic Visual Disorders at the USZ and senior physician at the Clinics for Neurology and Ophtalmology of the USZ, received this year’s ‘Alfred Vogt Prize for the Promotion of Ophthalmology on August 30, 2018. He is honored for his work on squint angle measurement using a newly developed video system. The award was presented at the annual congress of the Swiss Ophthalmological Society (SOG) in Fribourg.

The device developed by Weber and colleagues is simple, fast and accurate in measuring ocular deviations, and the results are closely correlated with those obtained using the conventional Hess screen test. It can even be used in patients with visual suppression who are not suitable for the Hess screen test. The device can be applied in children as young as 6 years of age.

Alfred Vogt Foundation
Each year, the Alfred Vogt Foundation recognizes a high quality scientific contribution to research in ophthalmology or a closely associated area with the Alfred-Vogt Award. Eligible are contributions of Swiss authors anywhere in the world and research conducted by foreign scientists in an institution in Switzerland. See also Alfred Vogt foundation website

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Strabismus Measurements with Novel Video Goggles. Weber KP, Rappoport D, Dysli M, Schmückle Meier T, Marks GB, Bockisch CJ, Landau K, MacDougall HG.: Ophthalmology, 2017 Dec;124(12):1849-1856 Article