New ZNZ PhD Grants 2021

The Board of the Bertha-Meierhofer Fund decided to support three young research groups with PhD Grants covering doctoral student salaries.

The following students are supported:

Zacharoula Kagiampaki in the group of Tommaso Patriarchi is working on an innovative strategy for high-sensitivity dopamine imaging, capable of revealing previously hidden low-level dynamics of this important neuromodulator in living animals.
Alina Marinescu in Marie Labouesse’s group plans to investigate the postnatal specification of brain circuits at the striatum-hypothalamus interface, which connect hedonic and homeostatic processes in the control of feeding behavior.
Jeroen Brus in the group of Rafael Polania works on the design of a novel closed-loop brain stimulation protocol that allows us to selectively enhance and down-regulate how much attention we pay to specific sensory and interoceptive signals.

For more information about ZNZ PhD Grants visit the ZNZ website.