New ZNZ Members

The Neuroscience Center Zurich welcomes its new members.

New ZNZ research group leader:


Prof. Dr. med. Michael Rufer
Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Hospital Zurich
Prof. Rufer is the deputy director of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. His research concentrates on the mechanisms of emotion dysregulation in psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders and outcome studies of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

New junior research group leaders:

Mante_150x150Valerio Mante, PhD
Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH & UZH
Dr. Mante develops and employs experimental approaches for large-scale neuronal recordings and causal manipulations of neural circuits in monkeys engaged in complex cognitive tasks. The vision is to leverage the anatomical and cognitive similarities between humans and monkeys to study impaired cognition caused by mental illness in humans. More


Edith Schneider Gasser, PhD
Institute of Veterinary Physiology, UZH
Dr. Schneider Gasser is the recipient of a Marie Heim-Vögtlin Grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation. She explores neuronal Erythropoetin involvement in mouse postnatal gliogenesis, neurogenesis and vascularization.

New P
hD students:


Eveline Huber; Group of Dominik Bach; University Hospital for Psychiatry, PUK
Vinita Jagannath; Group of Edna Grünblatt; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics, UZH
Gunda Johannes; Group of Wolfgang Langhans; Institute of Food, Health and Nutrition, ETH
Anna Kutschireiter; Group of Jean-Pascal Pfister; Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH/ETH
Martina Maibach, Group of Martin E. Schwab; Brain Research Institute, UZH/ETH
Marjana Prinz; Group of Philippe Tobler; Dept of Economics, UZH
Surya Prakash Rai; Group of Esther Stoeckli; Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, UZH
Maya Schneebeli; Group of Klaas E. Stephan; Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UZH/ETH
Saray Soldado Magraner; Group of Kevan Martin; Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH/ETH
Vivian Roger Steiger; Group of Lutz Jäncke; Dept of Psychology, UZH
Justin Strauss; Group of Esther Stoeckli; Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, UZH
Jiri van Bergen; Group of Paul G. Unschuld; University Hospital for Psychiatry, PUK
Stéphanie van der Lely; Group of Ueli Zeilhofer; Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UZH
Anastasios Ziogas; Group of Peter Klaver; Dept of Psychology, UZH