New projects with UCL Neuroscience

Within the partnership of ZNZ with UCL Neuroscience regular calls for joint seed projects are launched. Seed projects and workshops should pave the way for larger collaborations between the two partners. In the third round, the following projects (starting in the summer of 2016) were selected for funding:

Workshop on adult neurogenesis
Francois Guillemot and Sebastian Jessberger

Exploration of the mechanisms underlying rescue of neurological phenotypes in rare forms of Parkinsonism
Stephen Wilson and Stephan Neuhauss

Computational models of decision-making and interoception in patients with affective disorders
Ray Dolan and Klaas Enno Stephan

Deciphering the link between DPR toxicity and TDP‐43 pathology in C9orf72 disease
Adrian Isaacs and Magdalini Polymenidou

High-precision MEG for recording theta oscillations in human amygdala
Gareth Barnes and Dominik Bach

Probing the causal role of frontopolar cortex in metacognition
Stephen Fleming and Christian Ruff

CNS mediated responses to glucagon-like peptide-1: Friend or foe in GLP-1 analogue therapy?
Stefan Trapp and Wolfgang Langhans