New @ the ZNZ

The Neuroscience Center Zurich welcomes its new members.

New ZNZ research group leaders:

Prof. Dr. Frank Scharnowski
Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich


To study brain functions, Frank Scharnowski manipulates brain activity and subsequently determines how such manipulations affect perception and behavior. He uses non-invasive techniques such as neurofeedback with rtFMRI and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). These approaches allow manipulating regionally specific brain activity, thus enabling us to establish a causal link between brain activity and behavior. We showed, for example, that neurofeedback-based ‘brain training’ of visual cortex improves visual sensitivity. More

Prof. Dr. Csaba Földy
Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich


Csaba Földy investigates cell-adhesion molecules bridging synapses. These molecules seem to be associated with different synapses in a certain way. Such a connectivity code is important for normal brain structure and function, and its corruption by molecular or genetic ‘errors’ underlies many neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. Using multiple approaches, his group explores the connectivity code and map circuits on a molecular basis. His ultimate goal is to predict the structure and function of fully assembled neuronal circuits using genetic information. More   

New PhD students:

Anna-Sophie Hofer, Group of Martin Schwab, Brain Research Institute, UZH
Karlis Kanders, Group of Ruedi Stoop, Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH / ETH
Elisa Marzorati, Group of Lukas Sommer, Institute of Anatomy, UZH
Gaëtan Petit, Group of Christian Baumann, Dept. of Neurology, USZ

Jannes Jegminat, Group of Jean-Pascal Pfister, Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH / ETH
Irina-Elena Lazar-Contes, Group of Isabelle Mansuy, Brain Research Institute, UZH
Colette Steinegger, Group of Christopher Pryce, University Hospital for Psychiatry