ZNZ Steering Committee in tweets – Fritschy

Who are the people behind the ZNZ? In the next ZNZ News issues we will be asking members of the Steering Committee to answer a few personal questions in tweets. We start with Prof. Jean-Marc Fritschy, Director of the ZNZ.

Me: I am a biologist, native of Geneva, with Swiss-German roots, pursuing my academic and scientific career beyond my dreams at the UZH

Describe yourself as the director of the ZNZ Being the director of the ZNZ is a unique opportunity and challenge to promote neuroscience as a major biomedical research discipline

What’s your elevator speech about the ZNZ? The ZNZ is an interdisciplinary network of researchers with a common fascination for the brain, providing unique training opportunities for students

What makes you come to work every day? It is an amazing privilege to exert such a fascinating job while being the leader of a team of great students and colleagues

What keeps you up at night? Not much 🙂 Good friends. The strongest stressor for me is the feeling that time will not suffice to meet with all important commitments


Image: UZH (Modified)