Light-Sheet Microscopy Workshop

The Centre for Microscopy and Image Analysis (ZMB) invites you to the Swiss Light-Sheet Microscopy Workshop, to be held in Zurich on the 24-25 April 2019.

Light-sheet microscopy enables long-term imaging of large biological samples. It delivers optical sections with virtually no phototoxicity or bleaching, and with high temporal resolution.

The ZMB provides access to light-sheet fluorescence microscopes suited to study biological and developmental processes of entire living systems such as zebrafish embryos, drosophila larvae or plants with cellular resolution.

With the workshop the ZMB wants to strengthen the local and international network and facilitate the exchange of ideas between the light-sheet users and developers in the following subject areas:

  • Light-sheet microscopy
  • Tissue clearing
  • Tissue immunolabelling
  • Large volume data visualization and analysis

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Day 1 – 24 April 2019
New technology developments in light-sheet microscopy • The latest applications in light-sheet microscopy • Sample preparation including clearing techniques and immunolabelling • Data visualization and analysis • New approaches in post-processing

Day 2 – 25 April 2019
New technology developments and the latest applications in light-sheet microscopy • Company presentations • Hands-on sessions and practical demonstrations with the custom light-sheet microscope developed by Fabian Voigt • Demonstrations of virtual reality visualization of light-sheet data

Day 3 – 25 April 2019
Hands-on sessions on different light-sheet microscopes can be booked

See detailed program of the workshop

For more information about the ZMB see ZNZ News post Microscopy & Image Analysis