Large Scale Projects at ZNZ Symposium

The Annual Symposium on 16 September 2022 counted 270 visitors and featured 103 posters, a variety of talks by new members and plenary lectures by Guy Rouleau and Beth Stevens. Several PhD students and postdocs received prizes for their work. Parallel workshops introduced three large-scale neuroscience projects of UZH/ETH Zurich.

This year’s parallel workshops featured recently established large neuroscience projects with funding from UZH, ETH Zurich and University Hospitals in Zurich:

The University Research Priority Program (URPP) on “Adaptive Brain Circuits in Development and Learning” has started in January 2021 and will run for eight years. The goal is to investigate how neural circuits form during learning and how they contribute to specific behaviors in humans and different animal models.
The Loop Zurich project “StimuLOOP: Precision sensorimotor neurorehabilitation through personalized stimulation loops” has started in April 2021 and will run for five years. The team will conduct proof-of-concept studies to test whether personalized haptic feedback improves gait quality and mobility after stroke and whether neurofeedback-based self-modulation of activity in deep brain regions improves gait and mobility in PD.
The Hochschulmedizin Zurich project “Stress” was established on 1 January 2022 and will study risk and resilience of stress exposure across the lifespan and their impact on health, in particular the biological consequences of chronic stress on the brain and body.

ZNZ Best Dissertation Award 2022
Dr. Nicoletta Risi, Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH & ETH Zurich
Event-Based Stereo Vision on a Neuromorphic Processing System

Stewart Berry Memorial Poster Awards 2022
Giovanna Aiello et al., D-HEST, ETH Zurich
Neural Interaction Dynamics between the Anterior Thalamus and the Cortex in Epilepsy Patients

Dr. Giulia Poggi et al., Dept. of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, UZH
Social-stimulus Responsive Neurons in the Mouse Basal Amygdala-nucleus Accumbens Pathway

Dr. Pierre de Rossi et al., Department of Quantitative Biomedicine, UZH
Template Dependent Amplification of Pathological TDP-43 and Roles of Phosphorylation

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