IRP grants and fellowships

The International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia (IRP) invites applications in Clinical or Basic Research on regeneration of the central nervous system, neuroprotection and with special emphasis, on functional restoration of the spinal cord. Deadline for applications is October 31, 2018.

Research Grants
Funds will be allocated up to 150,000 Swiss Francs for two years for research proposals studying mechanisms of injury and repair, as well as long-term recovery with relevance to paraplegia. Applications from start-up groups are welcome.
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Postdoctoral Fellowships
IRP provides fellowships up to two years to young scientists who are either from Switzerland and who want to join an outstanding laboratory or clinic abroad, or from abroad and who wish to work in Switzerland.
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Applications for IRP Research Grants 2019/2020 will be considered only for projects that are realized in Europe. For more information send Email to:

IRP Foundation
For more than 15 years the IRP Foundation has undertaken fundraising activities for financing the best research projects worldwide, selected by a Scientific Committee of international experts. There is one single objective driving IRP’s activities: to overcome paraplegia, step by step.