Inaugural Lectures

We congratulate the following researchers on their inaugural lectures:

On March 9th, András Jakab took the audience on a «A Brain Odyssey: A Computational View of Brain Development», whereas on March 18th, Marian Galovic shed light on «Epilepsy in the 21st Century». Later, on March 23rd, Sabine Mueller introduced her students to new realms with her lesson on «Pioneering New Therapies for Patients with Diffuse Midline Glioma».

«Behavioral and neural mechanisms of cognition» was the topic of Valerio Mante’s inaugural lecture on April 8th. A few days later, on April 13th, Michèle Hubli delved the listeners into the topic of pain connected to spinal cord injuries: «Wenn Nerven schmerzen und Schmerzen
nerven – neuropathische Schmerzen nach Rückenmarksverletzung
» (in German).

On May 6th, Esther Werth discussed insomnia in her lecture «Schlafgestört – von schlaflos bis schläfrig» (in German). Finally, on May 23th Emily Cross showed the audience new perspectives in her lecture: «New horizons in social brain sciences: From robots to aesthetics and beyond».

Image: Dom Fou on unsplash