Inaugural Lecture: Hear the Silence

We congratulate Tobias Kleinjung to his inaugural lecture on September 25th. The researcher from the Clinic for Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich held his speech at the Aula of the University of Zurich. Watch the full talk entitled “Kann man Stille hören – Eine Betrachtung aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven” above or on the in a new tab here. On the same platform, you can watch the inaugural lectures from October. On October 25th, PD Dr. Luka Kulic from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of Zurich, will talk about “New disease-modifying approaches in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease” and on October 30th, PD Dr. Michael Lukas Meier from the Balgrist University Hospital will give his lecture entitled “From the brain to movement – new insights into the development and maintenance of back pain“.