Highlights ZNZ Symposium 2019

Poster sessions, short talks and awards. Read about what the buzzing neuroscience community discussed during the ZNZ Symposium on 12 Sept 2019. 320 Researchers attended, and 80 posters showed the broad spectrum of neuroscience research in Zurich.

Volker Henn Lecture

The Lecture was given by Prof. Jan Born of the University of Tübingen. Prof. Born is renowned for his work on sleep and its memory-forming function. Sleep consolidates not only psychological, but also immunological memory. The aim of his research is to elucidate the general principles of this memory formation during sleep in different systems of the brain.

Koetser Award

This year’s Award of the Betty and David Koetser Foundation went to Prof. Silvia Arber, Biocenter and FMI in Basel. Her research focuses on the function, development and learning ability of motor circuits in the brain. At the symposium, Silvia Arber presented her latest research results in the “Koetser Memorial Lecture”. See UZH News

The Best PhD Thesis Award went to Fabian Voigt from the Helmchen group at the Brain Research Institute. He developed a novel light-sheet microscope allowing high-throughput imaging of large volumes of cleared biological tissue. This mesoscale selective plane illumination microscope (mesoSPIM) is now an open-source resource for the community. The prize was presented by Prof. Bruno Weber.
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Aiman Saab, Denis Burdakov, Valerio Zerbi and Daniela Noain recently joined the ZNZ as new members and gave an overview of their research activities.

ZNZ Gender Equality Committee Best Poster Award

To promote research by female neuroscientists, the ZNZ Gender Equality Committee has introduced the new Best Poster Award. The winners are :

  • Paola Muttathukunnel, Patrick Frei and Martin Müller, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich
    Poster: Rapid modulation of transsynaptically aligned glutamate receptor nanocluster rings during homeostatic plasticity
  • Dayra Lorenzo, Ariel Gilad, Yasir Gallero-Salas, Fritjof Helmchen, Laboratory of Neural Circuit Dynamics, Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich
    Poster: Comparison of mesoscale dynamics in layer 6 and layer 2/3 of mouse neocortex during texture discrimination

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