Fighting for resilience and against stress

MGME Neurotech is a startup founded at the University of Zurich in 2021 to provide cutting-edge, scientifically proven digital technology for assessing and training professionals. MGME helps fighting work-related stress with digital tools and thereby may improve individual mental health. Applications include high-stress jobs, HR consulting, talent assessment, and development and corporate well-being. We talked to Marcus Grüschow, founder of MGME Neurotech and Oberassistant at the University of Zurich.

Hi Marcus, together with Micah Edelson you founded MGME Neurotech. Please explain in a few sentences which goals you are trying to achieve with your Startup?

Stress can lead to significant productivity losses. In Switzerland, one in four employees suffers from stress-related symptoms. To change these numbers, reliable methods are needed to identify stress vulnerability early and assist individuals before they are seriously affected by work-related stress. We provide assessment, training and monitoring, all under one digital roof.

How exactly do the assessment and training systems work?

Our neuroscientific research has shown that the sensitivity of the stress system and susceptibility to stress is directly reflected in pupil dilation. Our customers play computerized decision-making games while we measure pupil and behavior. An algorithm uses these data to provide a personalized stress profile. The training consists of online educational modules teaching prevention and coping strategies and mainly addresses the issues individually identified during the assessment. 

What was your motivation to found MGME Neurotech?

Micah and I have conducted basic neuroscientific research for many years and finally wanted to see this work applied to real people with real lives and real problems. If our science-based tools can be of service to the general public and help make their lives less stressful, we have successfully accomplished our mission.

Who are your main customers, and how do you reach them?

Our main customer segments are high-stress professionals, HR coaching and talent assessment. We aim to effectively reach and engage them through a multi-channel approach that combines content marketing, social media engagement, partnerships, networking, and customer-centric strategies.

What was the most memorable achievement since you founded your company?

The most memorable achievement, which was an amazing bonding experience, was when our team represented MGME Neurotech for one week at the World Economic Forum in Davos this January. We continuously showcased our technology in a busy booth where people tried the different tools and engaged with our team. There we could establish many of our important contacts and I had the chance to emphasize the importance of prevention over treatment in a panel discussion.

Any advice for people founding a startup?

Honestly, I’m not even sure if I have any authority in speaking about this, as I am still figuring things out myself. But I can clearly say that I am tremendously grateful to my co-founder Micah, without whom we would not be where we are today. So, one piece of advice would be to find yourself amazing co-founders. I also believe it’s a good idea to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and have complementary skills. Finally, I would quote one of my favorite bands who sang: Start today!

Thank you, Marcus!

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