EMBO Course on Two-Photon Imaging

For the third time the EMBO Practical Course on Two-Photon Imaging took place at the UZH Irchel Campus from 3-9 September 2017. Twelve students from all over Europe attended this one-week course, which comprised a morning lecture series by international experts and hands-on lab practical sessions in the afternoons.

Two-photon imaging is the prime microscopy technique to study structural dynamics and functional signaling in cells and cellular networks of living brains. The technique has become the method of choice for imaging neural dynamics on the cellular level.

The aim of the course was to teach the students the principles of two-photon microscopy and discuss how it can be applied to investigate various dynamic processes in the living brain, with emphasis on neuronal and glial activity. By getting to know and learn to work with several distinct two-photon microscopy setups, students also had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that should help them to build their own customized setups.

The course was organized by Prof. Fritjof Helmchen (Brain Research Institute, UZH) and Prof. Bruno Weber (Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UZH), together with co-organizers Profs. Arthur Konnerth and Thomas Misgeld from the Neuroscience Institute of the Technical University of Munich. Previous courses took place in 2009 and 2013.


EMBO Course – Two-photon imaging of brain dynamics: Illuminating neuronal and glial function, see EMBO website


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