Documentary Starring Lutz Jäncke

Last month, a new documentary about fear has started in Zurich cinemas. Amongst several experts from neuroscience, psychology and politics, Lutz Jäncke explains the phenomenon.

The Scent of Fear takes you on a journey across the globe with those that enjoy fear and those paralyzed by it. Stories that include a woman alone on a survival quest in the arctic (Evelyne Binsack), to communities who make their homes in bomb-proof, sunless bunkers to a young man in South-Korea so afraid of being a failure that he takes part in a “Happy Dying” seminar. Along the ride are leading experts in neural science (Lutz Jäncke, Joseph LeDoux), psychology (Peter Schneider), political sciences, linguistics (Elisabeth Wehling) and more providing the insight of fear lovers and fear mongers and showing us that as a society we are surrounded and exploited by fear-driven messaging in our politics and consumerism.
Watch the trailer here and find show times in Switzerland.