DNA solutions beyond oligos

State-of-the-art DNA technologies and services, that is what Microsynth stands for. Markus Schmid and Christof Wunderlin co-CEOs of Microsynth about the academic roots of the company and about their comprehensive service offerings.

Markus Schmid: Microsynth was founded as a spin-off of the ETH; many may Markus_Schmid_150x150 still know Tobias Schmidheini, who started the business with the oligonucleotide production and now is responsible for R&D at Microsynth. When he stepped down as CEO in 2014, Christof and I have taken over as co-CEOs.
Christof Wunderlin: Our academic roots are also reflected in our customer base: universities are important customers for us. Here, I think everybody knows us for our well-established DNA synthesis and DNA sequencing and analysis businesses.
Schmid: But we have also greatly extended our services since then and can now additionally offer complete studies from the planning phase to data analysis and result interpretation.

Trend towards outsourcing
Wunderlin: Yes, we offer everything from the synthesis of oligonucleotides, DNA/RNA isolation, fChristof_Wunderlin_150x150ragment length analysis, Real-Time PCR to sequencing, including next generation sequencing. All our molecular biology services are modular and can be assembled in any order to a customized project. Our advantage is that we do everything in-house, which enables us to control for quality at every stage of the project. Because we have automated our processes wherever possible, our prices are highly competitive.
Schmid: I see a trend towards outsourcing of projects in academics, be it the entire project or parts of it. Outsourcing saves our customers a lot of time. What is generally highly appreciated is the direct contact with our experts, instead of having to interact with intermediary persons.
Wunderlin: We have been on the market for 25 years and are still growing, now also increasingly outside of Switzerland. Visit our website for examples of what we can do for you.


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