Cloëtta Prize 2015 goes to Helmchen

On November 13, Fritjof Helmchen of the Brain Research Institute was awarded the 2015 Cloëtta Prize, together with Dominique Soldati-Favre of the University of Geneva. The award ceremony took place at the Centre Médicale Universitaire de l’ Université de Genève.

With the prize, the Prof. Dr. Max Cloëtta Foundation honors personalities in Switzerland and abroad, who have distinguished themselves in medical research. Prof. Fritjof Helmchen received the SFr 50,000 prize at the award ceremony in Geneva. In his talk entitled «Watching Brain Cells in Action: Two-Photon Calcium Imaging of Neural Circuit Dynamics», Helmchen summarized his group’s recent contributions to the rapidly expanding field of neural network imaging, using 2-photon laser scanning to monitor brain activity during learning in mice.
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