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Modulation of Dream Content

Many people have vivid bodily experiences in their dreams, even though the body is not actually moving. We have now shown that stimulation of the sensorimotor cortex can [...]

July 1, 2020

Brain & Body Integrity Dysphoria

Persons with Body Integrity Dysphoria (BID) feel disturbingly uncomfortable in their body and seek the amputation of a limb to feel complete. We found abnormalities in the [...]

July 1, 2020

Sleep Spindles and Schizophrenia

Can sleep be used to diagnose early onset schizophrenia in adolescents? A new study suggests that certain brain processes are altered during sleep in adolescent schizophrenia [...]

March 7, 2020

DBS and Swimming

Patients who received deep brain stimulation devices are warned not to swim in deep water alone. Daniel Waldvogel, Christian Baumann of the Department of Neurology, [...]

March 7, 2020

A Game Measuring Movement Control

A computer game using movement sensors can help assess the success of rehabilitation therapy in children with brain injury. This may have implications for the future [...]

March 7, 2020

Sleep-Wake Rhythms in Synapses Unraveled

Do we sleep because we are tired or because we follow a circadian rhythm? Steven Brown, Shiva Tyagarajan, Charo Robles (LMU Munich) and colleagues looked at the molecular [...]

December 1, 2019

Stress Networks in the Brain

What changes in the brain upon a stressful event? Dr. Valerio Zerbi and colleagues at the ETH Zurich have shown for the first time that selective release of the [...]

October 1, 2019

New Microscope Reveals Stunning Detail

Fabian Voigt at the Brain Research Institute of UZH has developed a novel light-sheet microscope that allows high-throughput imaging of large volumes of cleared biological [...]

October 1, 2019

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