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Therapeutic target unveiled with LSD

The serotonin 2A receptor in the brain plays an important role in how we experience ourselves and others, researchers at the University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich have [...]

July 1, 2018

Fast signaling stars of the brain

Astrocyte calcium signals are fast enough to play a role in neuronal information processing and changes in local blood flow, research from Jill Stobart and Prof. Bruno Weber [...]

July 1, 2018

Live birth of a neuron

For the first time, researchers have been able to follow the fate of neuronal stem cells in the intact adult mouse brain. The new study by the group of Prof. Jessberger and [...]

March 1, 2018

Ouch! Where did that come from?

Correct localization of painful events is crucial for living beings. But the functional mechanisms behind this pain localization are currently not well known. A collaborative [...]

March 1, 2018

Dopamine in stroke recovery

Learning a new motor skill is enhanced by reward. Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft of the University Hospital Zurich found that dopamine is involved in new motor skill learning [...]

March 1, 2018

Learning to sing a song

How do songbirds learn the complex task of singing a song? Prof. Hahnloser of the Institute of Neuroinformatics and colleagues have demonstrated that zebra finches do this by [...]

December 3, 2017

New EIT Health projects in 2018

ETH Zurich is a partner in the European EIT Health Consortium. For 2018, three new projects with ETH participation will receive funding by the Consortium. In one of these [...]

October 1, 2017

Less sleep, more risk taking

Insufficient sleep can lead to increased risk-seeking behavior. These results were published by the group led by Prof. Christian Baumann in Annals of Neurology. The authors [...]

October 1, 2017

Funding for MRI in spinal cord injuries

MRI has greatly improved the visualization of changes in the central nervous system, but how do these changes relate to changes in the underlying tissue microstructure? A [...]

October 1, 2017

Brain stimulation increases honesty

Michel Maréchal and Christian Ruff have identified the brain region involved in conflicts between honesty and material self-interest. They could even increase honest [...]

July 2, 2017

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