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Multiple Sclerosis’ Heterogeneity

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a highly heterogeneous disease. Patients respond differently to medications and have disease prognoses that vary greatly. The new Clinical Research [...]

October 1, 2019

Five years Viral Vector Facility

The Viral Vector Facility started operations 5 years ago as a project initiated by the ZNZ. Since then, the non-profit facility has become a successful, established platform. [...]

July 7, 2019

WeCare about sweat

Biomarkers in human sweat can contain useful information about the physiological state of a person. Currently, however, this information is rarely used. The WeCare project, [...]

March 3, 2019

Super-vision of the brain

Prof. Daniel Razansky measures tiny ultrasound vibrations evoked by light. His techniques revolutionize biomedical imaging by producing unprecedented views of everything from [...]

December 2, 2018

Neurobiology of Intelligence

Prof. Denis Burdakov views the brain as a series of logic gates that can be described in mathematical models. He tests these ideas at the Department of Health Sciences and [...]

October 1, 2018

Adult neurogenesis in mice and men

Two studies published in high impact journals have recently reported contradicting results about the ability of the adult human brain to continue to produce new neurons. This [...]

July 1, 2018

A fresh look at neuroradiology

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Stippich is the new chairman of the Department of Neuroradiology at the University Hospital Zurich. He started his position in January 2018. We [...]

March 1, 2018

Social behavior effects of ecstasy

Ecstasy is a social club drug that enhances open interactions with others. A new study by Michael Wunderli and Prof. Boris Quednow of the Psychiatric University Hospital [...]

December 3, 2017

Big role for microRNAs

Gerhard Schratt started his professorship in Systems Neuroscience at the ETH Zurich this August. He was previously at the University of Heidelberg, where he had his first [...]

October 1, 2017

Understanding stress

Johannes Bohacek has recently been appointed Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience and has started his new position on July 1 at ETH [...]

July 2, 2017

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