Bring DNA, get protein

evitria specializes in the production of proteins in cell culture. “Our customers value our speed, reliability and competitive pricing”, Dr. Markus Hildinger, CEO and owner of evitria talks passionately about his company in the interview with ZNZ News.

ZNZ News: What services does evitria offer?
Dr. Hildinger: If you need mammalian proteins – especially antibodies – produced in cell culture, we are the company for you. We can synthesize DNA from your sequence, clone it into an expression vector, do the transfection and purify your protein from the supernatant. We call this bring DNA, get protein. In the four years of our existence we have produced over 3000 antibodies and have gained extensive expertise in protein design. We can help you to increase your protein’s activity, extend its half life, reduce its immunogenicity or increase its functionality.

Is it not expensive to have your protein produced by a Swiss company?
At our premises at the Technopark in Schlieren, we work at very competitive prices. This is possible because we are highly specialized and have optimized every single step of the production. We produce at high throughput – every day we produce 2-5 g of protein – allowing us to keep our prices low.

What type of proteins do you produce?
Our expertise is in the production of antibodies mainly for neurosciences, cancer research and inflammation research. We can produce antibodies from different species including human, mouse and rat that are suited for animal experiments as well as bi-specific antibodies.

How long does it take you to produce a protein?
Culture supernatants are produced in 6 working days, a purified protein in 2 weeks. If additionally the DNA has to be synthesized and cloned, the whole procedure takes only 3 weeks. This fast production can be decisive in getting your scientific paper out before the competition.

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