BrainFair Zurich 2023 on learning

How does the brain learn? What is the role of genetic factors, the environment, and personal experiences? Which connections of our neural network are enforced during learning, and which are reduced? And how well do technical implementations of neurobiological learning?

Learning and – closely linked to it – memory have been the subject of brain research for many decades until today. From patients with specific brain injuries due to accidents or diseases, we can identify which regions in the brain are necessary for memory. At the cellular level, existing nerve connections (synapses) are known to be strengthened or weakened during learning processes.

Although our knowledge of biological learning processes is fragmentary, “learning” algorithms based on biological models have been developed since the 1950s. These algorithms have become very powerful in recent years due to technological advances in storage media and computing speed. Specific tasks can be solved very well by these “learning machines”.

Find out more in discussion panels, short talks, and live demonstrations and see what we know today. In addition, the BrainFair offers a rich online program for school classes with 14 talks and two in-person workshops.

When: 13th – 18th March 2023
Where: University Hospital of Zurich
Language: German

Further information and detailed program: