BrainFair 2022 on Brain Injury

The 25th edition of the BrainFair was dedicated to treatments for brain injuries. In four discussion panels, the speakers covered a wide variety of perspectives on the topic: brain injuries in children, consequences of severe traumatic brain injury, the effectiveness of therapies for stroke and the importance of rehabilitation measures to prevent permanent damage. On a course organized by FRAGILE Suisse, visitors could experience what it means to live with a brain injury.

After two years of having to either cancel the BrainFair because of the the first lockdown or to hold it online, the organizational committee decided to make the BrainFair 2022 an in-person event again. However, even last March, we were still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with people being cautious about attending bigger events .

The topic Brain Injuries was by no means limited to traumatic brain injuries. Brain hemorrhages, strokes, tumors or other diseases that can damage the central nervous system were also covered. During the short presentations on Saturday, traditionally the BrainFair provides surprising perspectives on the subject. The audience learned about the recent developments in stem cell technology that give hope for stroke patients, about micro injuries in multiple sclerosis or the role of brain injuries in forensic medicine. As usual, the discussion panels were recorded and can be accessed on the BrainFair website.