In the Spotlight

When Memory Becomes a Burden

A violent assault or a car accident – traumatic events in the past could affect your present and future health. They can trigger emotional and even physical reactions that make you more prone to a […]


Our New Bright Minds

We welcome the newest members to the ZNZ. With knowledge, experience and a curious mind, they will certainly contribute to new insights in neuroscience. Dr. Elisa DonatiInstitute of Neuroinformatics, ETH Zurich and University of Zurich […]


Questioning the Brain

A new book features the answers of 16 Swiss neuroscientists to 300 questions. Journalist Barbara Schmutz interviewed neuroscientists – amongst them several from the ZNZ – on common phenomena interesting to many of us:Can we […]


PhD Grants 2020

In November, ZNZ awarded PhD Grants to three young research groups covering doctoral student salaries. The following students are supported: Jeanne Droux in the group of Susanne Wegener will analyze mechanical properties of neutrophils in […]

In the Spotlight

Promoting Self-Healing After Stroke

When an ischemic stroke occurs, blood flow is cut off to parts of the brain. Self-healing mechanisms, such as reorganization of the brain exist and are initiated immediately. The researchers behind the UZH Clinical Research […]


Coronavirus and the Brain

Covid-19 has a huge impact on us as society and individual human beings. But what do know about the effects on our brain? The BrainFair 2021 takes a closer look. Unfortunately, the BrainFair 2020 was […]


Joint McGill-ZNZ Workshop on iPSC

The Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University and ZNZ organized a joint workshop on December 8th 2020 on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based research. As the directors of both institutions, Fritjof Helmchen and Guy Rouleau […]

Research News

Neurostimulation Against Migraine

Can electrical neurostimulation be used to help migraine patients? A new study indicates that modification of neural excitability over the visual cortex reduces the occurrence of migraine attacks significantly. Migraine affects about one million people […]